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The Blockchain as a primary trend of digital marketing

We’d be making a huge mistake if we say that blockchain technology only applies to secure liquid currency transactions, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Dash, or Iota. On the contrary, Blockchain has a unique practical potential that is yet to be discovered.

The truth is that the Blockchain technology has come to stay. We needed new technology to rely on, and now it is possible because the data is stored simultaneously by all those users who participate in blockchain technology. By decentralizing information and updating it simultaneously in countless places, the security increases. That means data alteration would be almost impossible: if someone falsified the data in one of the records, the discrepancy with the rest would immediately annul that modification. It is, therefore, an immutable record book.


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But beyond the obvious, the best of all is that current practical features for cryptographic technology are in constant development; which makes us ask ourselves: but how does the blockchain adapt into the digital marketing landscape?

Giving a new value to your target audience

One of the most common missteps that companies commit when implementing an online marketing strategy is to use random tools to one day, find one that gives decent results. Here at GoodNoon, we believe executives and agencies must take into account the needs and interests of potential clients.

Separating the marketing areas from the customer service areas (hiring personnel with their own methodologies and forgetting about user experience) inhibits a smooth process from being carried out in favor of equivalent goals. It is in this aspect that we start introducing the blockchain – regardless of whether the brand/service operates within the centralized market.

One of the practical applications of blockchain technology is in the process of understanding marketing in the different search engines, specifically regarding SEO and SEM. Currently, companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter act as a “central,” an intermediary, in the sense that they are the connecting link between advertisers and digital media. Therefore, to advertise through SEM in certain mediums, it is necessary to do so through external platforms.

With the blockchain technology, such dependence and intermediation would disappear since the transaction would be made without third parties, thus contributing to speed improvement, efficiency and economic savings. In turn, it implies that the way to perform SEO positioning would change significantly: websites will need to incorporate Blockchain, being the immediate consequence that SEO developers have to use protocols that include the blockchain in each transaction.

The democratization of the internet IS profitable for marketing

Another functionality of the blockchain has a direct impact on advertising. Blockchain and top app development companies have been understood as a technology that moves towards the democratization of the Internet. In other words, it consecrates each user as the owner and responsible for their data, but at the same time allows the user to choose the advertising they want to receive according to their requirements. In this way, such a scenario could put an end to intrusive advertising, and instead the establishment of even more significant opportunities in short-term.

Along these lines, blockchain provides greater security to the process of online purchases and e-commerce. It allows the last receiver to know the entire production process of a specific commodity, from its manufacture to its final distribution. It would provide, therefore, greater confidence when conducting economic transactions and would end the possible fear of scams or falsifications. It would undoubtedly increase the application of online marketing policies at the business level.

A Public Relations outlook

As it has been reflected in portals like Forbes, all companies interested in dabbling into digital marketing must reimagine the experience they want to offer, learn to be creative and innovative, using the resources they have. Proper marketing should use all the tools you have to reach your target audience efficiently

If one thing is for sure, is the fact that blockchain technologies are revolutionizing digital marketing in 2019, since it brings significant changes at the level of natural positioning of search engines and SEM positioning, at the level of advertising on web pages and in terms of electronic commerce. If you want your company or brand to start taking advantage of the new trends in blockchain marketing, feel free to contact us through our homepage. We have a strategy designed solely for you.


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