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5 Benefits That Blockchain Can Add to Your Business

Without a doubt, the evolution of technology is leading our path into the future, and nothing has expanded more quickly than cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. E-coins are very liquid and can be sold in exchange for multiple currencies (fiat or otherwise). Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) constitute highly stable channels for sponsorships.

Together with ICOs, ICO PR is developed by making use of all the smart devices available to appeal potential clients, economic enthusiasts and investors, as well as social media like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, alongside communication channels and leading publications all over the network. This is heavily based on crypto-based advertising and social networks to leverage interest towards a community, decentralized product or service.
For these reasons, we have decided to highlight the five benefits that Blockchain can add to your business:

1. Blockchain provides reliability
Receiving the trust of your potential collaborators is essential for everyone into the financial world. Therefore, creating relationships and networking is a valuable bilateral opportunity to obtain profit. Likewise, the enormous increase in popularity and audience loyalty lately has favored blockchain to become a promising and beneficial platform.

A blockchain-based business is focusing – much more compare to a traditional business – on themes such as community and network, creating a strong – yet transparent – message focused on building a game-changing proposal within the market.

2. Blockchain allows for fast-returning processes
People are more frequently willing to join blockchain-based projects; to make yours a success example, the ICO PR campaigns provide a channel through which you can recover the capital invested, more accessible and faster.

Why is this so? The answer is straightforward: because someone who invested only $100 in Bitcoin in 2013, has at press time a capital equivalent to more than $ 732.500. Although electronic currencies’ detractors declare crypto is surrounded by uncertainty (like any business opportunity), the ICO PR has achieved some meaningful victories; at present, many big brands are venturing and investing onto crypto. That presents an auspicious future for the field.

3. Blockchain’s wide range
There are no borders, bureaucratic processes or limits in digital environments. ICO marketing experts use that in favor of the clients, where, regardless of the geographic location of collaborators of the initiative or project you have are located; the versatility of a well-made campaign will attract sponsors and allies while you run a multinational business.

As reported: “To be sure, blockchain may indeed impact all manner of industries. Many of the benefits ascribed to it may be realized, but those benefits bring important limitations that cannot be ignored. It is crucial to recognize that blockchain is not the ideal solution to every data problem; it is a different rather than a better way to address data or transaction management. Under the right circumstances, blockchain could be transformative, but without careful planning, it could also become a costly misadventure”.

4. You can pay in crypto, too
Due to the nature of this business branch, the commercial relationship you make in the crypto world is very different from what you have experienced before in traditional systems. Payment systems and services are handled with transparency and precision thanks to the public ledger character.

The fact that the provider accepts payments in cryptocurrencies supposes a series of advantages such as the elimination of bank and credit card commissions as well as the entire bureaucratic system.

5. Projection
It is necessary to emphasize that cryptocurrencies gain strength through blockchain not only because they facilitate the different procedures, but also because they hand crucial information such as the operation of each of the features of your enterprise (rewards, discounts, etc.); this allows stakeholders to track company progresses on a daily basis.

As pointed out: “Today, it is circa 1993 for blockchain technologies. Even though most people barely know what the blockchain is, a decade or so from now it will be like the internet: We’ll wonder how society ever functioned without it. The internet transformed how we share information and connect; the blockchain will transform how we exchange value and whom we trust”. If, at this moment, you are about to start with a revolutionary idea or you want to be part of the blockchain panorama that is shaping the world, consider these advantages of ICO marketing companies.

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