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ICO Marketing.

Helping ICO crowd sales succeeding through proven marketing and PR specific strategies.
We are not an overnight born PR agency trying to make a profit of the crypto buzz.
We have been helping traditional business for years, and now, we make this knowledge available for blockchain-based businesses.

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Pre- ICO.

Not all ICO are destined to succeed. The ten biggest ICOs represented over 25% of the cash raised, and just 48% of ICOs in 2017 were considered effective. A rivalry is quite familiar with these types of businesses, with more than 1,500 cryptographic forms of money available spread crosswise over almost 10,000 markets. The distinction amongst progress and disappointment in an ICO relies upon its marketing campaign. The first and most important part of your pre-ico project is the marketing strategy, likely more critical than the product itself. Keep in mind, your outcome is likely to evolve, yet the view of your employees and the initial part of the project are unlikely to survive a wrong first impression. Every successful ICO marketing campaign utilizes many different marketing platforms starting at the beginning of the pre-ICO setting an adequate strategy.
The first thing you need to do is to build your website followed by the PR outreach. You must focus on getting people to know about your ICO, and since the creation of social media, it is a perfect platform to maximize your marketing strategy. Getting people to recall the name of your company is an essential part of the branding process besides the publishing of articles in the favorite crypto websites such as Forbes or Medium that will without will help your awareness among the public.



In the world we live now, social media management and cryptocurrency communities are a fundamental part in the success of an ICO. Crypto communities will give you vast experience for you to further develop technology with the latest updates, possible partnerships, and insights for you to get a reliable and trustful product depending on how your ICO is presented within these communities. Forging credibility and authority must be a priority for your ICO. Also, you should have a “See On” section on your website, making a brochure linking to authority domains we can provide for you.



SEO ought to be the base for your ICO long-term marketing strategy. Over and over again, promoting ICO’s disregard Website optimization and it becomes a huge mistake in the long run. Both on-page and off-page SEO optimization will guarantee that there is enough visibility to your ICO before and after its launch. If there is no SEO strategy, this means that the ICO only focused on the short-term and might scare off essential investors.

ICO’s tend to focus on the launch, quick capital generation and, i.e., without having a long-term marketing strategy that included SEO development. Off-page links become everything when it comes to reputation and ranking online.

When strategies perform accurately, without harming other processes, Web optimization can provide straightforward, cost-effective, and long-haul techniques to guarantee prolonged visibility and viability of your ICO venture.

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