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We reinvented PR services making them more efficient, effective, and scalable than before. We think that getting “coverage” is not enough and we offer the option to combine it with growth elements such as viral social services and a/b testing in order to generate 6x buzz results compare to a traditional PR campaign.

Viral PR Packages

Our viral package is a perfect combination for boosting traffic and credibility. In this package we offer:

  • We will be creating a custom high-quality infographic featuring you and/or your company;
    Example 1, Example 2, Example 3
  • We will post the infographic with an article related to your industry on a major publication; the article will also contain a large textual mention with back-link to your site;
  • We will lead a social media campaign of the article and we guarantee at least 500 engagements in a week’s time.

We create infographic & article

we make a visual summary of the key points of your industry and brand

We place the article in a major publication

we publish the infographic together with the article in a well-know editorial

We run a social Media Campaign

we guarantee at least 500 engagements in a week

In GoodNoon we combine editorial coverage with a/b testing and social sharing in order to improve traffic and your story’s reach.

A/B Story Testing

Before placing your story on a large publication, we test this on minor – but still well-known – sites in order to see which story “angle” performs better; thus, we prepare the best pitch for a high-level placement.

  • Find out which story generates more shares for your brand
  • Attract and retain only those readers that love what you do and with high level of conversion
  • Focus on the pitch that really works for your business without wasting your PR & Marketing budget
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