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How to Get Featured in Betanews

BetaNews publication as part of your communications strategy

We have listed the top editors and contributors in BetaNews you can outreach to get earned media coverage. However, there are a few tips you can apply while outreaching them:

Don’t expect freebies

Don’t expect them just to promote your content right away. Remember that every journalist, no matter how great you are in outreaching them, has other things on their plate. Make sure that you show that you respect their time and they’ll show you more respect. Also, asking questions can be a great start because you will show your interest, but be careful not to go too overboard with your questions, because when you ask too many questions, it might sound like you are trying to consult them taking advantage of their availability. In some cases, journalists get paid quite a bit of money for this kind of help. So whatever you do, whatever you want, whatever you’re asking for, make sure that you’re prepared to compensate the journalist fairly for it.

List of BetaNews top reporters you can outreach

Editor Name Position Email Contact
Martin Brinkmann Staff Writer [email protected]
Aaron Dobbins [email protected]
Mihaita Bamburic Staff Writer [email protected]
Robert Cringely [email protected]
Paul Cooper [email protected]
David Curry Freelance [email protected]
Ian Barker Staff Writer [email protected]
Brian Fagioli [email protected]
Brian Fagioli Staff Writer [email protected]
Ed Oswald [email protected]
Nick Peers [email protected]
Wayne Williams [email protected]
Joe Wilcox [email protected]
Sameer Singh [email protected]
Claire Woffenden [email protected]
Mike Williams [email protected]
Joe Wilcox Executive Editor [email protected]
Wayne Williams Managing Editor [email protected]
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Looking for a First-Class Brand Consultant?

Offer real value
It all starts by listening. Then, once you have listened to them and you know what that person really cares about, the best thing you can do is to help them get what they want. Help them to achieve their goals; the more consistently you do this and the more uniquely you do it, the better is the impression you’ll make. Offering value can start as small as pointing out a typo or a broken link on their website, then get something as big as offering free expensive services just because you’re a fan! You’ll have to gauge what’s necessary to really make an impression on that person. But remember one quick “oh your post was great” is probably not enough to make an impression.

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