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How to get featured in Associated Press Editors

Press coverage in the Associated Press

Get you or your brand seen in a feature article and PR services are normally very expensive, however it doesn’t necessarily need to be in that way. There are strategies where you can get mention or feature in large publications free of charges.
How do you actually reach out to an editor from a large publication such as the Associated Press Editors in order to acquire press coverage?

We have made your press coverage easy by listing the top journalist to whom you can reach out to.

List of top editors working in Associated Press

Editor Name Position Email Contact
Candice Choi Food and Beverage industry Reporter [email protected]
Tali Arbel [email protected]
Sally Buzbee [email protected]
Bill Barrow [email protected]
Thomas Beaumont [email protected]
Nancy Benac [email protected]
Julie Bykowicz [email protected]
Donna Cassata [email protected]
Jill Colvin [email protected]
Paul Elias [email protected]
Anick Jesdanun [email protected]
Jesse Holland [email protected]
Derrik Lang [email protected]
Michael Liedtke [email protected]
Lisa Lerer [email protected]
Steve Peoples [email protected]
Nicholas Riccardi [email protected]
Julie Pace [email protected]
Josh Lederman [email protected]
Lauran Neergaard Staff Writer [email protected]
Joyce Rosenberg [email protected]
David Scott [email protected]
Ken Thomas [email protected]
Calvin Woodward [email protected]
Darlene Superville [email protected]
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Looking for a First-Class Brand Consultant?

PR is defined as creating and managing your company or your reputation through the media. Unlike the past, nowadays everyone is the media; you are also the media. If you’ve got a blog, a social media presence, or a website, you are able to publish a feature article; even your competitors are media opportunities, as they also have sites and Twitter and social media profiles. You no longer even have to meet a journalist to get into a feature article; you don’t even have to know their name anymore.

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