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Free Press Relase

Receive every month a free Press Release

For a limited time only, we will be giving:
● 1 Press release distributed to more than 300 major public relations sites, including Fox and CBS outlets;
● 1 Placement of the press release in Google News;
● 1 SEO report provided by SEMRush (this is a complete report only provided to agency subscriptions).

100% free

From now on, your company will be part of our award catalog, which we select based on commitment towards innovation and the enormous potential amongst digital initiatives.GoodNoon-SealThere are no additional participation fees or the need to buy something, we just encourage you to evaluate our offer and, once the award period is over, you and your team can decide whether to become a regular client.

To start receiving the benefit, send an email to click on get started on here, or send an email to The PR service – valued at $ 300 – will be yours 100% free. We will get in contact with you in within 24 hours.

To partecipate you would only need to place the newsworthy logo on your website (header or footer).

In addition to the obvious value of adding a certification to your site, we hope to make the award a notable and expected event among companies and brands seeking recognition in the online world. Only that way we can
guarantee the recognition will continue to be free, as it has been up to the time.

Q. Who writes the press release?
A. Our main option is to offer the opportunity to your team to write the press release, so you
can highlight the excellent result of the company and include it as a news item within your
organization or an event.

Q. Is Google News part of this package?
A. It is. The entire press release will be reflected in the Google News section.
Q. I would like to place the certification on site A, but I have the press release for site

B. Can I do it?
A. Yes, you can.

Q How to start?
A. Just click on get started on here or send an email to [email protected] specifying the URL of your site

Q. How long does it take to distribute the press release?
A. Approximately 2 business days from the date we receive your consent.

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