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Branding: Editorial Coverage

Get monthly placements into America’s largest publications.
We promote companies or individuals via online editorial coverage.

1. Subscribe and Choose

Subscribe to our service and choose the editorials where you’d like to be placed based on your current subscription plan.

2. Approve the article

We will write the article for you, and send it to you for approval. For high authority subscriptions you can send to us your own article.

3. Get Published

Once approved, we will publishing the article/articles and promoting it through our SEO and Exposure services.

We promote both, mentions and features, in order to promote your key branding and business objectives in a way that can resonate with the media and with your budget.

SEO: Link Building

We promote your branded article into other publications.
Improve significantly your ranks in search engines results!

We use high-quality content marketing to generate links for your site from high domain authority and relevant sites.

  • 100% white hat: we only do link building through content marketing, providing you high quality articles on high quality publications (link of the article posted will be provided for each order);
  • done by experts with proven experience in SEO (you might even request a free consultation to verify their skills if you like before engaging us).

Exposure: Infographic and Social Media Campaign

We promote your branded article through Social Media.
We combine PR with growth elements in order to generate 6x buzz results!

We create infographic & article

we make a visual summary of your your industry and brand key points

We publish your article

we publish the infographic together with the article in a well-know editorial

We Social Media it

we guarantee at least 500 engagements (likes, comments, share, etc.) in less than a week

Are you ready to grow your business?

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