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Editorial coverage for business growth

Currently, thousands of messages are launched each day towards audiences, added to the emergence of new channels and formats, which accelerates and multiplies information. This causes messages to get confused many times; However, this is avoided by maintaining constant contact with different audiences, sending strategic, appropriate, timely and consistent information through various platforms. In this regard, GoodNoon is a tool that offers the possibility of communicating in a convenient, practical and positive way.



We speak “online business”

The nature of a company must always be evolving and generating relevant conversation. If you plan to innovate, launch a new product on the market, create a strategic alliance or want to achieve an important certification, you need to receive full attention from your target audience and the media. One of the essential parts in a company’s communication is the relationship with the media because of the influence they have on society. The right story being portrayed in an important medium can translate into a lot of benefits for the company’s image or brand.

That is why we believe every action an organization carries out is related to the community, the press, collaborators and even to its competence.Our team maintains permanent contact with journalists and mediums to control and balance what is published. Each perception and positive message increases your credibility and, therefore, reputation. Being as a PR agency, we manage the information that reaches these audiences and, consequently, the perceptions and valuations that are transmitted from the company, brand or product.

Your greatest allies in content marketing

Nowadays, people understand that advertising is paid for by the client and should be viewed with skepticism, while article appearances in respected publications have the advantage of third-party validation and are viewed favorably. We promote companies or individuals via online editorial coverage, making sure to translate your brand message into media stories to boost your brand and expand your reach.

How? We have great relationships with many different writers in many different industries who work for over 100 of the most important publications worldwide. We can reach out to those editors that align with your campaign goals for the editorial you have chosen. We are so confident about our success in publishing your story that we offer a 100% refund if our efforts don’t result in posting an article for you: we refuse to let your budget be affected by efforts that do not yield results!

The figure of the PR agency in 2019

In the whole world, the PR industry is booming and is considered by more and more companies as a vital tool. As we mentioned before, the premise is to create a very favorable corporate opinion based on what you and your executives do. In the case of GoodNoon, our practices influence what others say about your brand: it is the discipline that influences sales behavior.

Once incorporated into your strategy, the company will have a significant and unique opportunity to convey its essence and what it does more effectively than the rival(s). In summary, at GoodNoon we know better than anyone about the importance of reaching potential customers and having a voice within the saturated market.

The advantages of personalization

Since positive business transactions are based on people, sales variations are normal. Sometimes consumers like a brand and then it changes its relevance and attractiveness. Personalization is one of the most important trends available to solve this issue. Therefore, highlighting the company’s identity to create better relationships with audiences is fundamental. Due to this situation, branding must be adjusted and adapted. At GoodNoon we have the specialized staff to tailor the content (value) of your proposal to new trends and trends.

PR Branding

In GoodNoon, we focus on controlled and reliable relevance. Our team is dedicated to obtaining the keywords to show that the audience requires and searches, to then create the content and publish it. Additionally, we track the performance of each keyword. In terms of customer inquiries or sales levels, checking the immediacy of the changes that generate the most participation is feasible to start focusing on expenses.

Content on demand

After having the first meeting to establish the specific priorities of your brand, we will provide you with the content to catapult your solution. Our method begins in the following way:

  1. Choose the editorial

Tell us the publication you would like to get mentioned or featured in.

  1. Approve the article

We will write the article and send it to you for approval.

  1. Get Published

Once approved, the article gets published with the link to your site.

For your article placement, we offer both, mentions and features, to promote your key branding and business objectives in a way that can resonate with the media and with your budget.


It is a full dedicated article to you, and your brand, or your service. This can also be published as a full interview.

  • Full article dedication
  • Backlink to your site
  • You or your company’s picture posted in the article
  • You can be the one to write the article and send it to us for evaluation


This is a paragraph with a mention to you or your company into an article relevant to your company industry.

  • It can also be a quote (such as quote from CEO)
  • Backlink to your site
  • Recommended for lower budgets
  • We will be asking you some info to create your story, but we will be the one writing the article.

The secret to success in both the digital and the offline environment is to be efficient from planning and diversification, the main components that make up GoodNoon.

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