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Engadget com: How to Get Featured

How to get a feature article in Engadget com

Before you get into our Engadget editors contact list, it is worth spending a few words to explain the differences between paid owned and earned media. There are plenty of different media types online where we can feature or mention your brand; the question is, however, what are these different types of media and which one is most valuable. Essentially, there are three distinct categories of media: paid, owned and earned.

Pitch your story to Engadget reporters

Editor Name Position Email Contact
Sean Cooper Contributing Editor [email protected]
Edgar Alvarez Editor [email protected]
Steve Dent Contributing Editor [email protected]
Sean Buckley Editor [email protected]
Roberto Baldwin Editor [email protected]
Dan Cooper Editor [email protected]
Devindra Hardawar Editor [email protected]
Michael Gorman Editor-in-Chief [email protected]
Nathan Ingraham Editor [email protected]
Jon Fingas Associate Editor [email protected]
Nicole Lee Editor [email protected]
Jamie Rigg Editor [email protected]
Mariella Moon Contributing Editor [email protected]
Richard Lawler Senior HD Editor [email protected].com
Richard Lai Editor [email protected]
Phillip Palermo Copy Editor [email protected]
Kris Naudus Editor [email protected]
Cherlynn Low Editor [email protected]
Andrew Tarantola Associate Editor [email protected]
Jon Turi Associate Editor [email protected]
Billy Steele Associate Editor [email protected]
Chris Velazco Editor [email protected]
Aaron Souppouris Editor [email protected]
James Trew Editor [email protected]
Dana Wollman Editor [email protected]
Mat Smith Editor [email protected]
Christopher Trout Executive Editor [email protected]
Nick Summers Associate Editor [email protected]
Timothy J. Seppala Associate Editor [email protected]
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Pitch your story to Engadget reporters

Paid owned
We’re talking about something like Google Adwords or maybe a sponsored post on a social network. Basically, anywhere where we’re investing capital and our time in order to have our brand featured.
Owned media
We are talking about things like our website, a blog, our YouTube channel and anyone of our own social media channels. Basically, everywhere where we’re controlling the content that our audience sees.
Earned media
We’re talking about media where we have no control over the content, something that is being shared about our brand. It’s where is our audience is talking about our brand, not us. This can be something like a featured post on a major news source such as Engadget. This type of coverage can be one of the most valuable assets we can earn in the digital marketing and PR space, because is from this type of coverage that people start talking about us and our brand. Obviously, if it’s positive, that’s even better, because it will be generating brand loyalty.

Creating a story around your brand is the best way to pitch your article because it’s at the very core of what we do, and what we need to do as communicators of our own products. Unfortunately, not all of us are doing it well. Companies everywhere are realizing that communication is not like a soft science, it’s not just sort of a “nice to have” and it can drive the business forward. If you communicate well, it can really help the business; companies have started to realize this and they have also started realizing that they need to get more editorial coverage. The old corporate style of communication – issuing boring press releases, brochures or corporate speeches – is ineffective. It just doesn’t work anymore, because there is too much competition, too many outlets, and too many distribution channels. Just mention some of them: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, all social networks that are creating a barrage of content coming to people. Your content, in order to compete with these, needs to be more interesting, more as “need-to-know” and funnier and more entertaining than ever.

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