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How to Get Featured in Buzzfeed

PR strategy in Buzzfeed

Link building is an essential part of SEO; building links help your site to boost authority and if you have no authority, you have no ranks. So acquiring larger amounts of authority links is going to boost your authority and, as you gain authority, you also gain interaction in search results.

In getting backlinks to their sites, many people rely on outreaching other site owners through their social pages or via email. However, the best links you can get from your site are through media coverage. That’s why we have listed below some of the top contacts of BuzzFeed; contact them now and pitch your product!

List of contributors for Buzzfeed

Editor Name Position Email Contact
Joe Bernstein Tech Reporter [email protected]
Johana Bhuiyan Tech Reporter [email protected]
William Alden Business Reporter, San Francisco [email protected]
Mat Honan Staff Writer [email protected]
Alex Kantrowitz Editor, Ad-Tech, Marketing-Tech, BtoB [email protected]
Sheera Frenkel Cybersecurity Correspondent [email protected]
Jessica Probus [email protected]
Jessica Misener Senior Editor [email protected]
Mackenzie Kruvant Senior Editor [email protected]
Matt Ortile Editorial Development [email protected]
Katie Notopoulos Senior Editor [email protected]
Ailbhe Malone UK Lifestyle Editor [email protected]
Ashley Perez Travel Editor [email protected]
Stephanie M. Lee Senior Technology Reporter [email protected]
Brendan Klinkenberg Tech Reporter [email protected]
Michelle Rial Writer/Illustrator – Infographics [email protected]
Caroline O’Donovan Senior Technology Reporter, San Francisco [email protected]
Venessa Wong Business Reporter, New York [email protected]
Peggy Wang Editorial Director of Buzzfeed Life [email protected]
Charlie Warzel Tech Reporter [email protected]
Mike Spohr Senior Parenting Editor [email protected]
Nitasha Tiku Senior Writer, BuzzFeed News [email protected]
Mariah Summers Business Reporter [email protected]
Ben Smith Editor-in-Chief [email protected]
Matthew Zeitlin Staff Writer [email protected]
Hamza Shaban Technology Policy Reporter, Washington DC [email protected]

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Tips for your outreach:
– Make it personal: During your research, check out the social pages of the people you want to outreach for your PR strategy, visit their blogs so that when you email them, you can make a comment on one of their most recent posts;
– Make it interesting: Speculate why the collaboration between you and the publication would be interesting also with regards to their audience.

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