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Bloomberg L. P. is the company that Michael Bloomberg founded in 1981 in New York dedicated to offering financial information services. Michael Bloomberg is a public figure also known for the typical product of the Bloomberg terminal. This terminal is a computer system that allows professionals from the financial world to access the Bloomberg Professional service where they can consult and analyze financial information of the markets in real time and carry out purchase and sale operations of assets in their electronic platform. Also, the service offers news, communication between terminals and different applications that facilitate the work of the interveners in the financial markets. Most companies in the financial world subscribe to the Bloomberg service, and their terminals have become an essential part of their activity.

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Bloomberg Journalists

Abelsky, Paul
Abelson, Max
Ackerman, Gwen
Adam, Shamim
Adams, Edward
Addison, Paul
Afonso, Swansy
Ahmed, Nabila
Ahn, Shery
Al-Ansary, Khalid
Albright, Amanda
Alegado, Siegfrid
Alexander, Caroline
Alexander, Doug
Ali, Nour Al
Allan, Gareth
Alloway, Tracy
Almeida, Henrique
Almeida, Isis
Alpeyev, Pavel
Altstedter, Ari
Amano, Takashi
Amiel, Geraldine
Anderson, Kibi
Andreacci, Tim

Andrianova, Anna
Aneiro, Michael
Annett, Tim
Anstey, Chris
Ant, Onur
Antony, Anto
Aragao, Marianna
Argitis, Theophilos
Arkhipov, Ilya
Armstrong, Drew
Arnold, Alexandria
Arnold, Laurence
Arnold, Michael S.
Arrioja, Jose Enrique
Asseo, Laurie
Atkinson, Andrew
Attwood, James
Authers, John
Awere, Tolani
Aytekin, Akin
Babic, Marco
Bach, James
Baigorri, Manuel
Bain, Benjamin
Baker, David R.

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Editor Name Position Email Contact
Eddie Chan Asia technology news editor in Hong Kong, [email protected]
Patrick Clark Real Estate Reporter [email protected]
Yaacov Benmeleh [email protected]
Alex Barinka (Female) East Coast Tech Reporter [email protected]
James Boxell Editor [email protected]
Jack Clark Reporter, Neuroscience Technology [email protected]
Joshua Brustein Writer [email protected]
Lizette Chapman Reporter [email protected]
Peter Burrows [email protected]
Gwen Ackerman Jerusalem Reporter [email protected]
Gerrit De Vynck Writer [email protected]
Dina Bass [email protected]
editor [email protected]
Ville Heiskanen [email protected]
Sarah Frier Tech Reporter [email protected]
Tom Giles Journalist [email protected]
Christine Jenkins Reporter in Bogota, Colombia [email protected]
Andrea Jaramillo Markets Reporter [email protected]
Craig Giammona Journalist [email protected], [email protected]
Crayton Harrison US Health/Science Editor [email protected]
Ville Heiskannen Staff Writer [email protected]
Lee [email protected]
Lauren [email protected]
Rachel Nagler Head of Communications [email protected]
Scott Moritz [email protected]
Danielle Muoio [email protected]
Gearoid Reidy [email protected]
Belinda Lanks [email protected]
Mark Milian Tech Reporter [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected]
Cornelius Rahn Tech Reporter [email protected]
Sarah Rabil Editor [email protected]
Aaron Ricadela Reporter [email protected]
Steve McKee [email protected]
Jennifer Oldham Denver Reporter [email protected]
Annie Massa Staff Writer [email protected]
Eric Newcomer Staff Writer [email protected]
Justin Ocean Associate Editor, Bloomberg Luxury [email protected]
Kenneth Wong Editor [email protected]
Brad Stone Staff Writer [email protected]
Mandeep Singh Analyst [email protected]
Serena Saitto Senior Tech Reporter [email protected]
Spencer Soper E-commerce Reporter [email protected]
Andra Timu Romania Reporter [email protected]
Irina Savu Romania Reporter [email protected]
Ben Steverman Staff Writer [email protected]
Cecile Vannucci Staff Writer [email protected]
Blake Schmidt Writer [email protected]
Emma Rosenblum Editor, Bloomberg Pursuits (Luxury content) [email protected]

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Why Is Bloomberg So Important For  Financial Businesses?

The utility of Bloomberg is to provide information services and financial operations. Banks and stockbrokers widely use these services because, with the services that Bloomberg provides through it´s terminal, it is possible to obtain valuable information regarding market conditions at the time it is consulted, obtain great facilities in the search for prices of assets, as well as the negotiation of purchase and sale of stock assets.

Among other benefits obtained by Bloomberg, users utilize the analysis tools that are very useful to investors since they help them to identify the trends in currency prices accurately and to quantify the risks.

With the use of Bloomberg´s terminal, there is the possibility of controlling the exchange risk; it is also possible to compare and evaluate the negotiations that are being offered at that moment, also making possible to create and carry out an evaluation of the strategies as well as the quality of the execution. All with the purpose of being able to generate reports that help make better decisions faster.

Among the things for which the information presented by Bloomberg is useful is the opportunity to optimize the issuance of debt, this is done through the analysis of the capital structure itself and with the information from Bloomberg, deciding what type of debt is the most convenient at that moment, making use of the data and information that Bloomberg provides on the structures, terms, and clauses to determine which are the most competitive and in this way to be able to decide on the start and expiration date of new desired emissions perform.

Bloomberg has a database of investments of the broadest that exist in this technological generation. This tool allows to carry out optimal cash management, since it allows the investor or treasurer to discover competitive prices with standard quotes in the market, and execute transactions through the same Bloomberg platform.

The Bloomberg Terminal not only provides information, but it also allows its users to be able to carry out purchase and sale operations of assets. Other services offered by the Bloomberg Terminal are financial news and the ease of communication between different terminals and applications, which allows the interveners to carry out their work more quickly in the various financial markets.

Another thing for which a Bloomberg serves is to carry out risk management in terms of interest rates; this is achieved with the information that the Bloomberg Terminal provides regarding the yield curve and the credit spreads, which stand out at that time.

Bloomberg, with its pricing tools, supply and demand operations in derivatives management, also offers real-time information on raw materials, whether physical or in futures, offering a complete solution for the areas of procurement, supply chain, as well as for risk management. Bloomberg does not publish its prices, which by the way, are the most expensive among financial data providers, but the information regarding the cost of its services is filtered continuously.

In addition to providing these services for professionals, the company also has a television channel, a website, and an application. In them, you can follow the financial news and consult information, although the available services are much more limited than those offered through a professional license.

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