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ARS Technica Com: How to get featured

Backink from ARS Technica to increase your domain authority

A link is an HTML reference that allows the user to click and visit another page. That’s the simplest definition of a link. When someone is on a website and they want to go to another page, that piece of text or image highlighted can be clicked and it will take them to the next page. So when we are talking about building links, what we mean is that we are going to go out and acquire those links from external sites and use them ourselves. So anytime we are talking about links, we are typically talking about those little pieces that have HTML codes, by clicking on those the user leave that page and land to another page in the same or in a different browser window. Optimizing the number and quality of links your site has, it is was called off-site SEO.

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Editor Name Position Email Contact
Eric Bangeman Managing Editor [email protected]
NATE ANDERSON Editor [email protected]
SEBASTIAN ANTHONY Editor [email protected]
ERIC BERGER Editor [email protected]
Ron Amadeo Editor [email protected]
ANDREW CUNNINGHAM Editor [email protected]
Peter Bright Editor [email protected]
Casey Johnston Culture Editor [email protected]
CYRUS FARIVAR Senior Business Editor [email protected]
Dan Goodin Editor, Security [email protected]
LEE HUTCHINSON Editor [email protected]
Kelly Fiveash Editor [email protected]
JONATHAN GITLIN Editor [email protected]
DAVID KRAVETS Editor [email protected]
KYLE ORLAND Editor [email protected]
JOE MULLIN Editor [email protected]
SAM MACHKOVECH Editor [email protected]
BETH MOLE Staff Writer, Health [email protected]
VALENTINA PALLADINO Associate Reviewer [email protected]
JOHN TIMMER Editor [email protected]
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How many links do you need to rank well? Or, more specifically, how many links do I need to rank higher than my competitors?
The answer to this is completely dependent on the keywords you’re trying to rank for. As you can imagine, there is much less competition for some keywords than others. For instance, if you’re trying to rank for “best personal trainer in Santa Cruz,” there will likely not be lots of competition; there may be a bunch of people there trying to rank for that same keyword as well, but it is likely that they haven’t optimized their websites and they probably can’t afford someone to do SEO for them. So, you are looking for keywords with a lower level of competition, unlike kewyords like “Los Angeles real estate” or “Restaurant in New York” that instead are very competitive. This is going to be heavily competitive. So it’s not necessarily about how many links you have: it all starts with the keywords for which you are trying to rank. Another consideration is the quality of the links, rather than simply their quantity.

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