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"GoodNoon...help(s) users find the journalist or influencer potentially more interested in the story. The result is that larger, better funded companies cannot easily push other organizations out by dominating the media."

Source: Forbes.com

The Problem

Leading PR agencies, in order to keep their high fees, created huge barriers of access for media coverage.
  • Centralization: PR services are one of the most centralized services that exist. Less than 30% of companies control the PR market.
  • Limited Inclusion: Building media coverage is expensive and many brands cannot afford the high fees that leading PR agencies charge.
  • Small PR agencies integration: The PR market is saturated with a handful of big players that have set the market rules. Small PR agencies, as a result, are forced to adapt the same rules.

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The Solution

Only a small fraction of stories receive interest and public attention. GoodNoon allows these stories to be heard without the need to pay huge fees.
  • Direct Communication: AI technology for finding the media specialists likely to be interested in the story.
  • Engagments: Users will be able to enhance their stories and reach media coverage through the expert labor of affordable journalists and influencers; this without paying the ridiculous fees current PR leading companies are charging.
  • Small PR agencies integration: GoodNoon platform enables non-leading PR firms to stay on the market without the need for increasing their prices

Read more on our whitepaper

Empowered by AI

GoodNoon platform leverages AI to determine the journalist or influencer that is more likely to provide its collaboration.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts ensure the success for all transactions in within the BitPR platform.


Through GoodNoon messaging system, businesses and media can easily communicate and interact.

Economic Overview

  • Total Token Supply: 347,000,000
  • Limited Supply: Yes
  • Symbol: GDN
  • Type: ERC20
  • 1 ETH = 100 GDN
  • Accepted Currency: ETH

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The full roadmap of the
GoodNoon ICO

  • 11-12.2018GoodNoon ICO Formation

    We start brainstorming about the possibility of combining our decentralized PR principle with blockchain. The result of this is GoodNoon ICO project.
  • 01.2019Private Sale Event

    We have held a private token sale event, reaching over $600.000 in less than a month. We have shared our project to press, with publications such as Forbes supporting our project "The result is that larger, better-funded companies cannot easily push other organizations out by dominating the media".
  • 02.2019 till 06.2019ICO

    We will be running our ICO campaign from the 02.2019 till the 06.2019. During this period we aim to get GDN listed in at least better-funded authoritative exchanges. This while running our own marketing campaigns, as we have done with over 30 ICOs that have bought our services in the past. Our goal during this stage is to reach high trading volumes while getting the interest of as many people as possible.
  • 03-04.2019Beta Launch

    We will be launching the Beta version of our GoodNoon platform. Everyone that has contributed to our project will receive free media exposure.

The Team

Jose Villanueva

Development Architect

Gabriel Vargas

Product Visualizer

Miguel Torres

PR Expert

Maria Arbaiza

Content Specialist

Angel Torre

PR Expert

Alberto Dap

Media Planner

Manuel Navarro

Digital Marketing

Carlos Sosa

Development Architect

Jackeline Martin

Social Media & Influencers