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What Are the Benefits of Using Custom Fitted Table Covers?

When you want to design a table cover that helps you to promote your branding and stand out in the crowd, the style of the table cover is as much important as the color and design. While there exist many kinds of table cover that will grab your attention, a fitted table cover is one of the most popular.

According to, fitted table covers are made to perfectly fit a certain table dimension. There are some covers which aren’t fitted and hence, you’ll see wrinkles on your table. However, if you use a fitted table cover you don’t have to worry about the wrinkles as they are already made for that particular dimension. The best thing about fitted table covers is that they add a positive appearance to any kind of table beneath.

Here’s a few reason why you should use custom fitted table covers.

They Save You From Wrinkles

Let’s be honest, your personality depends a lot on how you organize a table. If your custom printed table cover does manage to grab your audience’s attention and if they notice any wrinkles on your table, it will have a negative impact. The wrinkles happen due to the unmatched size of the table cover. Most of the time, the table coveris either too big or too small for the particular table. A well fitted and neat table cover not only enhances the beauty of the table but also becomes more eye-soothing and enchanting.

The Size Is Widely Customizable

No matter what the event is, you can get custom fitted table covers of any size to satisfy tour needs. Though custom designing table covers are great at capturing attention, a custom-fitted table cover also carries the same amount of importance. Whether it is a moderate table or large, all you have to do is mention the dimension. Once you’ve clarified the size accurately, you’ll get the best fitter cover possible for your table which will satisfy you in every way.

They are affordable

Though sometimes custom designing table covers will require a little more investment, custom-fitted table covers are always budget-friendly and affordable. However in this case, the price depends on the dimension and material. If you want to use a table cover that is large in size, it’ll be slightly more expensive than the smaller one. The price will increase if you want to build your fitted table cover with sturdy and long-lasting material.

They Consume Less Space 

While custom fitted table covers are best to impress your audience, they are also so much lightweight and portable. From carrying them to the next occasion to storing them after the event, everything is possible in a short amount of space. You can also fold them up for future use without any problem. Though banners and flags consume a lot of space, custom-fitted table covers are as small as a blanket.


Now you know why custom fitted table covers are important. A bad table presentation will affect your impression enormously, as well as turn your customers away. So, it is recommended to always use a well-fitted table cover. Remember, the first impression is the last impression, so you need to do whatever is necessary to create a good impression of yourself.

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