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Website design trends 2020 that can change the fate of your business

Every year around this time, people examine and reconsider their website design choices to understand whether they are on the right track or not. A website acts as the representative of your brand and business. Hence, it makes sense to keep it up-to-date from all aspects. And since a lot of observations from the past year go into deciding what worked and what did not, you can refer to them to learn about the areas where you need to fix things and where you have done just well.

Design trends vary with cultural and technological influences. Hence, being heedful about them can help you come up with an efficient product design that looks fresh and appealing to your audience. You might feel tired of incorporating the changes as these happen every year. Also, you can hesitate to go all out for it for the fear that something might go wrong. But you can avoid all these challenges by educating yourself about them at the beginning of a new year. Here are a few suggestions based on the insights gained from whatever clicked in the last year to help you stay ahead in the competition. Let’s dig into them one by one.

Bold typography

What is the first thing that holds your attention when you visit a famous brand’s website? Most likely, it is the use of the headline. Of course, headlines are the real champions when it comes to winning the audience’s attention. And what it means is that users notice the design of the headlines before anything else. Why does it happen so? The large, bold font types enjoy an exclusive visual appeal and impart this trait to the message that you desire to convey to your readers. Plus, they look modern and trendy.

If you take a look at Apple iOS 13, you will realize that bold headlines have become an indispensable feature of iOS apps. The reason for this could be its usability. With weighty fonts, you can enhance text readability as it has a unique contrasting nature, increase content understanding as it categorizes elements distinctly. That’s why these fonts have gained prominence in designs as well as with designers.

Just make sure you don’t get carried away with its usage. Otherwise, you can ruin its impact. For this, you have to keep a few elements in mind. For instance, you should not bold everything as the same typography will lack the charm and might create reading challenges. It would be better if you applied it to only heading and subheadings or a few portions of the texts. Another thing is, make use of contrast. A bold font against a neutral background will be outstanding.

Emotional UX design

Any design has to be communicative to win user’s hearts. Communication is the essence of any website design. It indicates the exchange of information. But to be effective, it needs to incorporate emotions. Earlier, the main focus used to be on usability when it came to designing a website. However, in today’s time, it is both about usability as well as emotions. If your design has an emotional pull, audiences will feel connected. To embrace this component in your website design, you can take the help of humor or animated effects. Both these can be an excellent tool for this purpose.

Color gradients

The years leading to 2018 and 2019 witnessed strict minimalism in terms of website designs. Designers focused on content and functional properties more and did not give much weight to visual appeal. As a result, their designs demonstrated the excess use of white space and almost no color. This trend eventually ended up in creating similar-looking interfaces. Over time, users started losing interest in them due to their unattractive designs, which compelled designers to reinvent their visualization process.

Of the various things, gradients started stealing the limelight, particularly from 2018 onward. The flat colors got replaced with gradients as these provided depths and aesthetic charm. Even product teams and shareholders vouch for this idea because designers can use the color of the brand in their designs. The versatility of the gradients makes them suitable for the background of the texts, color filters of the images or illustrations, and the accentuation of the call to action features. Another distinct quality of gradients is their overall appearance on small as well as large devices. Whether you watch television or mobile devices, you cannot ignore the work of gradients in designs.

The new gradient styles are, however, simpler. Unlike their previous selves, they use only one or two colors to create an impact. You can apply muted tones for subtle effects and vibrant colors for loudness. It depends on you, whatever you choose. Since you may not know which gradient style can be perfect for your website design, you can consult a well-known web designing and development agency, such as BigDropInc, for help. It can guide you right from the beginning of this process to its culmination so that you gain a competitive edge over others.

Abstract graphics

As per experts, custom images and illustrations are the best things about any website design as they represent the product or brand. Everything, including color and font styles, is easy to replicate except for the images. In the last few years, digital graphics have gained quite a lot of prominence, and 2019 stood a witness to its popularity. Almost every brand used illustrations to enhance the visual appeal of the message. For an idea, you can explore Mailchimp and Shopify. However, how do you become identifiable with the target audience, which already sees so many beautiful graphics everywhere, is the challenge?

For this, you can come up with abstract illustrations in 2020. Just make sure your graphics people don’t go overboard with this element. They should make sure that your images are easy to comprehend for your users. Having too much abstractness can also spoil your purpose. It may end up being an artsy thing than a functional element required for your business.

Geometric shapes

If you want to take your website design to a new level, you can consider including geometric shapes in it. It will add another layer of visual appeal. In most cases, designers apply these shapes and figures to mark different sections. But 2019 experienced the emergence of a new style in this area. Geometric objects came in handy in creating a specific feel. For example, if sharp lines and edges created a brutal impact, soft geometric figures paved the way for futuristic appearances. A combination of bold fonts, gradients, and geometric shapes is difficult to ignore for anyone. If you need inspiration with this design, you can take clues from Mother Nature. From the shapes of leaves to mountains, you will get thousands of ideas.

3D design

You must have noticed the extensive use of 3D elements in the entertainment and gaming world. But the improvement in devices has led to its universal application in desktop and mobile websites too. The 3D objects tend to lend an interactive touch to a user’s experience on your platform. Hence, it becomes all the strong reason for advocating its incorporation in your website design.

Dark theme user interface

Do you see companies using dark and light modes on their websites these days? Dark themes are getting popular nowadays because they protect your eyes from getting strained by fixing the brightness of the screen as per the lighting conditions. These also consume less battery.

Personalized touches

The cookie-cutter approach rarely worked in the internet world, and 2019 proved it yet again when it showed that giving personalized experiences to your users is the must-thing. For example, a music site includes something based on your preference and taste after tracking what you play. The use of AI and machine learning techniques can further make it easier for you to detect such elements.

Full-size forms

As you know by now, that bold typography is the in-thing, and it works best for businesses that choose simplicity. From here, you get another design inspiration. Contact Form forms a common sight at most of the modern websites today. You can use one that covers the whole screen of your home page. It is entirely in demand today for some practical reasons, of which easy submission is just one factor. It is also a component of minimalism. So, if you incline towards minimalistic designs, then it can be a good idea for you to explore.

These are only a few website design trends for 2020. You can do a lot more and achieve even more than your expectations by striking the right chords. However, you may not afford to give this part enough commitment due to your involvement in the core business. If that is the case, then you should consider hiring a digital agency for this work. A trustworthy and experienced company will create your website design as per the latest trends and needs of your brand. At the same time, it can make sure all the elements are SEO-friendly too.

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