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Using online marketing to boost your business

So many of us use the internet to go about our daily lives that we can barely imagine a time when it wasn’t available to us. How did we get along without online shopping, food orders and checking up on the latest news before many of us had online access in our homes?

Because it’s so ubiquitous, being online is essential to having a successful business these days: there aren’t many that are successful without having some kind of online presence. There are many ways you can be online with your business, but is it the best way for you? Here are just some of the ways you can market your brand online and get more business – you might already be using some of these techniques and may be well on the way to having a successful online company.


Create a website

By improving your online presence, you can reach millions of potential customers – outstretching the reach of many other traditional media and word-of-mouth possibilities. So, your first step could be to create a website for your own business.

If you use your company name as the domain name for your site, then it will be easier to find through search engines and connect to your customers. Include as much information as you can on your website as well.

If you have a company that sells products, then also add a shopping element to your site. This will allow your customers to buy products directly from you 24 hours a day.


Communicate with your customers

You can do this either through an email newsletter or through a blog on your site. If you have a blog then place it prominently on your website, and it should contain information you want to give to site visitors that’s too extensive to have in a short advert.

If you have personable people on your team, then get them involved. Having a personal connection with customers can create lasting relationships that can then boost brand loyalty. Also, allow your customers to sign up to email newsletters on your site. You can then have a mailing list for your notices.

There are solutions out there that may help with marketing your business by streamlining these processes and develop customer relationships. There are some that will be suitable for your specific business – so if you create an inspection report for your client, for instance, then you can even include email follow-ups as part of this process.


Have a social strategy

When used correctly, having a social media strategy can be a powerful customer engagement engine and web traffic driver. It’s easy to be sucked into the hype and get profiles on every social media site – but this is the wrong approach. Instead, focus on a few channels where your brand is most likely to reach important current and potential customers.


Go mobile

Your business site should be optimised for mobile. What we live in now is a cross-platform world with smartphones and tablets. So, if you haven’t optimised your site for visitors on mobile, then you are likely losing money.


Use video

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of online marketing. It’s popular with people who prefer watching rather than reading, and it gives you great flexibility to present your business in a way that isn’t possible by just using words.

The possibilities you have available to you by using video are extraordinary. A lot can be achieved without needing to invest in expensive equipment, so this option is accessible even to small businesses.


Create content

Content is whatever provides substance to your website. This could be articles, videos, images or anything else on there. Sites that are rich in content are considered more trustworthy, so the more you have to say on a subject, the more you must know about it – so you can therefore show yourself to be authoritative or an expert.

If you do decide to have a blog, then you should update this area regularly. Look at how you can use your site or blog content to market your business, so when people see your site, you are giving them the knowledge that they want. You can say that you can offer them more, too.

Also investigate ways on how to get your content in front of as many people as you can: the more people who see your content and your site, the more likely your content will be shared and seen by even more people.

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