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Turning Your Brand into a Household Name: A Guide

Think about it, when you order a drink at a restaurant or café, do you ask for a cola or a Coke? If you hurt yourself, is it a plaster or Band-Aid you ask for? It’s the same for Jacuzzi and hot tub.

Known as proprietary eponyms, this is the peak of brand awareness. Brands want to become so well-known, they’ve replaced the generic term for similar products – this is their ultimate goal.

But how do you get your brand noticed to the point that it becomes a well-known, global phrase? Here’s a quick and simple guide on how to turn your brand into a household name.

Know who you are targeting

You may think that because you want everyone to speak your brand’s name, you want to target everyone – but that isn’t the case. Like any other marketing campaign, you need to focus your efforts on targeting the niche that’ll use your product/service the most.

1.    What appeals to your target market?

Dig deeper with your research and learn the ins and outs of what appeals to your target audience. You need to know them inside-out; otherwise you will be wasting time and money on connecting with the wrong people.

Create a buyer persona. Determine the following information:

  • Demographics (age, sex, occupation, salary…)
  • Behaviors (hobbies, interests, skill level, what they read/watch…)
  • How to reach them (email, text message, social media…)

You should also name your personas and include a stock image.

2.    How to research your target audience

Define your target audience by compiling data on your current customers. Through this data, see what is working, why they choose your brand, but also what they would like to change within your company.

You should also look into your website and social media analytics. Learn who is interacting with your social media platforms so that you can see whether you’re targeting audiences you haven’t even considered yet.

Get your brand noticed

People won’t remember your brand name if they never see it. You need to get it out there, whether it be through merch, social media channels, or word-of-mouth. However, standing out is never easy.

How you get your brand out there depends on the product you’re selling. If you’re a brewery and want your stout to become the new Guinness, then attractive point of purchase signs will make your brand more memorable than those that do not have one. A new clothing brand would do better investing in influencer marketing, however.

Build a narrative

The art of storytelling is a powerful and complex marketing tool. It is difficult to do, though. You need to craft the story well enough for people to care and be invested in; otherwise your company’s story will fail to leave an impact.

How do you create a story worth taking notice of?

You need to know what your business stands for, how it developed, why the brand started, and why the founder started the company in the first place. Everyone loves an origin story, after all.

But remember that the story must connect with your customers – this is the main goal. How can you get others to talk about your story, though?

  • Your brand story needs to be infused with personality for it to land with your customers
  • Be active on social media and be sure to keep your posts in line with your brand’s story and tone of voice
  • Spread the story everywhere – communicate through your story whether it be in the biography or an everyday tweet
  • Encourage your customers to retell your brand’s story

You need to recognize that it takes time for your brand to become noticed, known, and a household name. Typically, this doesn’t happen overnight, unless you are exceptionally lucky. However, having a unique product/brand and the right marketing tools can make a world of difference.

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