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Top Online Reputation Management Tips for Your Business Venture

Online marketing professionals walk the extra mile offering advice to businesses for managing their reviews or ratings. Then, when it comes to your business, reputation has a much greater impact than ratings or reviews on Google or Yelp. You will not find any business that did not have any issue with a buyer or customer at some point of time. In these instances, businesses try to resolve such issues before a customer posts a negative review warning other potential buyers to avoid buying products from your business. The word-of-mouth review could travel like lightning speed if you do not take the right measures at the right time.

According to an article published on, there are many ways to counter negative feedback or review on the digital space. A company manages such things in a way so that it helps in preventing uncalled-for damage to the reputation of its business. That is the reason why you must have an effective online reputation defense plan in place. Today, your business should respond to some crisis or negative review in an hour or so. Gone are those days when businesses took 72-36 hours to respond. Now, you need to be fast because the 24/7 news sequences allow you only 60 minutes to respond. Here are some of the top online reputation management tips for your business to avoid further damage.

Avoid ignoring social media

Today, it’s imperative to develop social media accounts for any business, big or small. Just having a Facebook or Twitter account is not sufficient. That is because you need to build your audience base and drive engagement. You can create Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to interact with your potential buyers and boost engagement levels and influence as a brand.

In case, you are not doing so, your social media pages would not be potent enough to outsmart the negative reviews or ratings posted by one of your existing customers. Though it is unclear how Google or Bing evaluates the potency of social media pages, you have the choice to use a couple of scoring utilities to determine whether your brand is attaining growth. For example, you can make the most out of Kred or Klout.

Build your business’s online presence everywhere

Your business must have its presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest at the least. If you are into an extremely competitive business or sector, it is essential to have your presence felt on some additional social media channels too. You will find numerous social media sites, a couple of which are very specific to your niche industry.

For instance, in numerous B2B professional or high-end businesses, employees and executives need to have their LinkedIn profiles. It would add more credibility to that kind of business. Again, if you are in a business that’s more visually focused, you must have social media pages on Instagram, Pinterest, or for that matter Flickr. Your business will also benefit if you have some product videos on YouTube or Vimeo. You can learn more about managing your brand reputation through ORM Company NYC or similar ones.

Listen carefully to online reviews or complaints

When customers complain about your business or products, first listen to them carefully. It’s possible that there might be a few pitfalls in your business process that calls for addressing and resolution, especially when you receive negative ratings or reviews about something specific. You must keep in mind that customers are always right. You need to be flexible about your approach and think of a creative way to provide customers what they want, solve their problems without creating any resistance.

There are businesses, which are dumb or have some service fees that make buyers think they’re paying more than required. You need to understand that pressuring buyers to pay more will work against your business interest. If your prices are not competitive, you will drive your existing or prospective customers to your competitors. The additional money you pocket on an exorbitant fee could be lost when your customer chooses your competitors. Therefore, you need to listen carefully to customer complaints and resolve issues online. These little things matter when it comes to the reputation management of your business online.

Avoid online arguments

Do not get into online arguments even when you could be technically correct. That is because you may lose business and customers if you retort in an insensitive, trivial, or unprofessional manner. The worst-case scenario is when you could be wrong and when you respond in an unkind way, you will end up doing or saying things that would damage your business reputation online beyond repair.

The ideal way is to deal with situations in a diplomatic way and resolve customer issues amicably. You need to take the communication offline and diffuse the anger of your customers. You need to be nice and gentle when it comes to interactions with your buyers. A professional response will help you to win the trust and confidence of your customers once again instead of being right in a harsh online argument.

Do not get into an online tussle with your buyers. Take things positively and look at the issue. If you are wrong, admit the same and solve the issue. If the customers are wrong, help them see reason and explain things in a decent, professional manner instead of being aggressive or unkind.

Show your sincere apology

If your business has messed up, admit your fault and apologize sincerely. Make the amends and replace a faulty product. Your apology should seem genuine. Your business needs to be transparent in the interactions with your customers. It will help in diffusing problematic issues with your buyers. It will help you to reconcile with your buyers and make a critical situation end. Make sure your apologies are bona fide and do not make the customers feel that you are doing a favor to them by saying sorry. Make amends unreservedly. That is the key to winning buyer trust.


Now that you have these tips handy, focus on them and deal with customer reviews online professionally. It will help you win their trust.

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