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Is your company facing stagnant growth due to customer dissatisfaction?

“There is only one thing that matters to make your business successful- Customer Satisfaction.”

There are a lot of dreams, effort, and money that you put in when you plan out a new business venture. But when this dream business doesn’t spread its wings, you try to figure out various reasons which stop you from being successful. 

And suddenly while looking up for the causes of failure, you find out that it is your customer’s dissatisfaction which is stopping your company from making it big in the market.
Let me share a story of my friend who dealt in the hotel business and kept wondering that even when he gave his best to the business why wasn’t it working! I decided to help him with checking out what was wrong. I think my findings could really help many businesspersons to do things right and be benefitted in their businesses.

While digging deep in the facts, I felt, somewhere along the way, while he was running behind his targets, he forgot the main factor of his business- his customers. Even when he had a great place where people could hang out, he didn’t consider what his customers were actually expecting which was a big turn down for his business.

According to my findings, when your customers are underserved, you might actually end up in an unexpected position. If you are not interested to provide your customers with great service, you cannot expect them to care about your business and be loyal to you. Yes, it is the sad reality and the sooner you accept it the better for you in the long run. I believe it is the high-standard customer service that can help you to win the hearts of your customers.

While looking for the reasons why my friend should have considered customer satisfaction at the most important thing, I found out the below facts which might even help a lot of entrepreneurs like you to get the businesses back on track. 

1. A Loyal Customer is always a treasure

With mobile phones and the internet, the competition gets worse as the customers get more choices and better comfort everywhere.

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, there are loyal customers are worth 10 times as their first shopping. Another research found out that it is very expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an old one.

Businesses never have a problem with going down the extra mile to keep their customers happy. And if you are not good enough, you definitely lose the competition. I recommend this to make your thumb rule while entering the competition. 

You can think of something different every day to provide better your customer experience. And trust me, it is high time to face these facts now if you wish your brand to be amazing! 

Keeping track and monitoring the customers’ opinions on social media and checking out both positive and negative feedback can really be of help. You can even take suitable measures to offer things when you are actually aware of what your customers are expecting.

2. You can lose your customer in a second

Well, I have seen people leaving the businesses that they have been loyal to for years. This happens when the customers feel that they are not enough appreciated by the businesses. 

Big organizations like Amazon put forth the importance of customers and promote themselves as being the customer-oriented companies.

 Why? Because even they know, keeping a customer loyal takes more time than losing them. You need to build the trust of each customer to make them choose you over the other competitors. 

Also, it is the experience that the customers share that brings you more customers as they say that the word of mouth spreads far and wide!

Businesses work in a give and take manner. So if you take care of your customers they might prefer always sticking with you. Brands often take their customers for granted. But that’s what makes you lose your customers the most.

3. It does involve all our money

It should not surprise you if I say that customer satisfaction is also reflected in your revenue. 

The customer’s opinions about your brand have the power to affect you in the most positive or even negative way. Happy customers won’t go looking for better brands and will stick with you for a lifetime because you add value to their lives. The more you meet their requirements and answer their needs, the more satisfied they will be. And if you deliver the best quality services you can bring out the happiest smile on their faces. 

Don’t underestimate this gesture because that’s what is going to get your sales up and generate more money! If you feel it’s hard for you to work on such things, start researching your customer preferences or visit a business management consultant to discuss what you think.

4. Happy customers are going to make you stand out of the competition

Well, even if your customers don’t care about you providing better service, your competitors will definitely be happy about it. They are just waiting for you to make one mistake and then taking you down by stealing all your customers. And dealing with a provocative and negative backlash is never easy.

But, if you offer amazing services to customers, you will have an upper hand in the argument in order to convince those with an uncertain mind about your services.

A word of advice:

A majority of customers use their mobile phones more than 150 times per day. Also, a lot of people turn to social media when they wish to speak out.  You can take a chance and use social media to increase your customer base and to know how your customers feel about your business as Bill Gates has rightly said – “ Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

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