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Instagram: The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tool for Businesses in 2020

With the world celebrating the coming of the year 2020, I believe the importance of social media presence and marketing for businesses around the world should be pretty obvious by now. I mean its 2020, come on!

If, however, you’re still searching for convincing motives as to why your business must have social media presence and why you should employ social media marketing techniques, then, let me just say a few words in this respect before I start off talking about Instagram – one of the most effective social media marketing tools – the actual topic of my write up today.

Businesses in today’s world need social media presence to connect with the massive audience available online. Unlike traditional audiences, the modern online audience is dynamic, proactive, and diverse, given the varied age groups and the wide spectrum in terms of geolocation that it originates from. Hence, social media platforms automatically tend to act as an effective tool for businesses to create brand awareness. With the help of apt and effective social media marketing, the online mass audience can be successfully lured into finding out more about your business.

The conclusive statement above may not seem to completely justify the benefits received by businesses through powerful social media marketing, however, I believe readers who landed at this blog must already have adequate knowledge about the power of social media marketing and are now hoping to receive deeper insights.

Without further ado, let us then move to the topic on hand today:


Instagram: An Influential Tool of Social Media Marketing

Being one of the mightiest social media platforms Instagram has continued to rise and shine. By adding more user-friendly features to accommodate more accounts on its platform, Instagram also became home to 1000 million active users every month by June 2018.

Apart from having hit the billion active user mark, Instagram has acted as consistent means to increase sales for online businesses. Only in the U.S. an estimated 71% of businesses were leveraging Instagram to their benefit in 2018, some of which I have alluded to at the onset of this write up.


Why is Instagram a Good Marketing Choice for Businesses?

Since the start of its journey in 2010, Instagram has continued to emerge as a sound platform that accommodates entrepreneurs and their business needs.

After Facebook, Instagram is certainly the most universally acknowledged social networking site, especially endorsed by small business owners.

Following the acquisition by Facebook on April 9, 2012, Instagram introduced many features in its application that tend to favor small businesses that are unable to invest heavily in marketing their products/services because of an inherent lack of big revenue generation.

If you’re a small business owner, the below mentioned arguments as to why small businesses must use Instagram for marketing their brand online, are all that you may need to convince yourself today:

  • Instagram Gives a Face to Your Brand: In 2020, businesses that lack the development of a personal connection with their customers will begin to move towards extinction so to speak. Instagram, however, can play key role in helping avoid such a doomed ending given it is a platform that helps humanize your business and also assists you at connecting better with your customers – both existing and potential.
  • Instagram Gives Boost to Your Sales: Businesses can leverage Instagram’s platform to inform their audience of a promotional sale, promotional code, or discounts etc. The platform is also magical when it comes to driving traffic to a business’ website through promotional ads and campaigns. With its widely used feature, called stories, the platform lets you create awareness regarding any sort of a business event, for instance a season end sale, or an off-season discount offer. It has been observed that businesses which put up stories regarding their products or services tend to relate better with their audiences.


  • Instagram Lets You be Creative: When it comes to exploring creativity in social media marketing, Instagram is undoubtedly the greatest choice out of all social networking platforms available today.

Now that we have briefly understood how crucial social media marketing is for businesses and how effective Instagram is in this regard, let’s briefly shed light on the projected impact of Instagram on social media marketing in 2020.


Will Instagram Still be Advantageous for Businesses in 2020?

We have stepped into 2020 with an abundance of technological innovations and scientific inventions; a huge chunk of businesses, especially start-up and small enterprise owners, however, essentially look forward to only two things: high-speed internet on the go and adequate social media marketing.

I’ve already elaborated on the fact Instagram attracts the most number of active users online thus making it the best option for social media marketing for a business, however, just in case you still need that last bit of conviction,  Super Viral is where you would find sound data supporting the viewpoint I have advocated. This is information put out by a UK-based platform that has compiled data pertaining to Instagram’s performance and reveals the social networking platform as a crucial social media marketing tool in 2020.

Instagram’s ability to become a habitat for the young-adult audience has proven to be extremely beneficial for businesses that lure this cross section of their target audience. Young-adults are the ‘market’ for any online business – they can quickly turn into loyal customers from potential ones with effective social media marketing.

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