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Instagram Marketing Strategies to Take Your Brand to The Next Level

Everyone must have heard about Instagram and the impact it has made in our lives. Of course, it is not the first social media platform, but due to its nature of a visual appeal, Instagram boasts of having more than one billion daily active users. 

These numbers are not to be taken lightly. Everyone expects that the growth will continue into the future as well. Trends are very promising, and it so happens that a lot of business entrepreneurs are looking to get their presence felt on Instagram as well.

Given its popularity, finding a niche that is not competitive is more or less impossible. However, it should not be something to get discouraged about. The same rules apply to anything as far as internet marketing is concerned. 

There are certain methods to take your channel to that next level and get ahead of the competition. Experiencing struggles? Then look no further. The tips below should help you with overcoming the odds, even if they are looking unbeatable.



One of the newest features on Instagram is the story mode. You can accomplish quite a lot if you are good at it. Since this type of content is up for 24 hours and disappears afterward, getting your followers hooked with some exclusive stuff like contests and behind-the-scenes footage is a real possibility. Of course, there is much more than that you can do. How to Use Instagram Stories Like a Pro to Build Your Audience article by Oberlo will give you more information on the feature.


Branded Hashtags

Now hashtags themselves are prominent and it would be impossible to imagine Instagram without them. But if you are going to rely on the general ones, well, things are going to be incredibly difficult. 

Try to look at the competition and other, well-established brands. You should notice that they are using branded hashtags, relevant to their business. It is one of the best indicators that someone has made it.

Try to boost your posts and include unique hashtags. Encourage others to use them as well by running campaigns or contests. You should do everything you can do to reach a point where your unique hashtag is all over the platform or at least all over your respective niche.


Optimizing Profile


Start with setting the type of profile into the business one. You can do so by going to settings. Optimization comes next. Make sure that there is a website address in the bio, as you do not want to miss free traffic. Instagram does not allow to put links anywhere else, so it is a perfect opportunity.

The profile itself consists of just 150 characters, so you need to put quite a lot of effort into coming up with a great description. Take your time and consider things carefully. Finally, include a hashtag or two for better visibility.


Quality Content

It is easy to get lost among all the mediocrity, and it should not be that surprising given the popularity of Instagram and the continuous influx of the numbers of active users.

However, you should overcome this problem and focus entirely on quality. Your content should be optimized, relevant, and offer value. Visuals are the most important aspect, so the least you can do is put photos that are appealing. Also, keep to your schedule as missing out on a week of posts will cause you a massive drop in engagement rate.



Instagram is the hub for influencers. Both micro-influencers and biggest celebrities in the world are here, promoting various products whenever someone gives them a great offer.

No matter how narrow your niche is, you should still be able to find an influencer or two. But be wary as there are plenty of self-proclaimed gurus who might seem like a great deal on paper, only to disappoint you in reality. Look at their engagement rate. It is quite easy to tell whether someone has paid money for followers if the numbers of comments and likes they are receiving are abysmal.


Content From Users

The benefits of asking for user-generated content should be obvious. You will have more stuff to post and it will be a great incentive for your followers to engage more in your content.

Make a quick announcement that you are looking for content submissions and will post something every week. If your profile has a decent number of followers, people will want some exposure and they are going to be bringing you free content.

So there you have it. If you are in desperate need of understanding more about Instagram marketing, you should be in a pretty decent spot after reading this article. And if you continue learning from other sources as well, conquering your industry is only a matter of time.

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