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How to Use Social Media to Advertise a Flash Sale

Are you holding your company’s first flash sale and want to be sure it’s a huge success? Have you heard of other e-commerce sites using flash sales only to record massive sales in a small amount of time and you want to do the same? While the product you are selling and the discount itself will play into the success of the sale, another aspect is how well you have marketed and advertised the sale.

So, what’s the best way you can advertise a flash sale? There’s a really simple answer and that’s social media. Here we’ll take a look at all the basic steps and tips that will ensure you use social media to your advantage when it comes to advertising a flash sale.

Build the Buzz Early

The first tip is to start selling your sale before the flash sale begins. Rather than just a surprise sale that no-one was anticipating, it’s best to create buzz and anticipation. You want to get people excited for your sale and ready to launch on it the moment it goes live.

Building the buzz early is relatively simple when you use social media. Use each of your networks to post the basics of the sale including the date and time, how long the sale will last, what item(s) will be on sale, and if you want you can even give a sneak peek at pricing or the discount.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to build the buzz too early, as you don’t want them forgetting about the sale. Ideally, you want to get the word out about 24 hours before a big flash sale.

Link Social Media to the Company Website

It’s also a good idea to link any social media posts back to the company website. This encourages people to do a little browsing and research before the sale starts, which may, in fact, result in higher sales. They may just find other items they are interested in by doing that advance research and shopping.

Offer Early Bird or Loyal Customer Flashes

Another tip experts suggest when it comes to promoting these flash sales on social media is to offer advanced access for early birds and loyal customers. You can provide them with a special registration code that will give them first access to the sale items. Again, this helps to build buzz, excitement, and demand.

Often, the best way to use this technique is to encourage people to sign up or create an account in order to receive their discount code. This can be done over your social media platforms. That discount code can then allow them to shop the sale early and get first choice on items. You are essentially offering a VIP treatment through your social media networks.

Social Media Can Be Your Best Tool

While there are many effective ways to advertise and promote an upcoming flash sale, many would agree that social media is among the most popular route to take. It provides you with an engaging and interactive way to get the message out there.

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