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How to Make Money From Home as a Teenager Under 18

Being under the age of 18 doesn’t mean that you don’t need cash for life’s little luxuries!

If you have your eye on something you want to buy but you need to save up a little first, you might be looking at ways to make a little extra cash. You might not want to head out and work somewhere for a small minimum wage, but there are a few ways you can earn a little cash from home too.

Sure, you’re not going to make a fortune, but what you make can easily be saved and will build up over time.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few ways to make cash from home under the age of 18.


Try Online Surveys

There are some sites which will allow you to be paid for your opinion under the age of 18. Many state you need to be 18 or over, so simply check the small print before signing up.

All you need to do is sit for a few minutes and tick a few boxes, usually rating a product or service on whether it’s great, fair, moderate, or terrible. You’ll earn a little for every survey and most sites pay out after a set amount has been earned.


Cash Crate

There is a site called Cash Crate which allows you to be paid for certain tasks, such as surveys, playing games, watching movies, etc. Again, you’ll need to do a fair amount in order to make cash, but it’s enjoyable and you can do it from the comfort of your bedroom!


Use YouTube Rewards Program

If you’re keen to make videos and upload them to the masses, you could actually earn cash in the process! A new program, called the YouTube Rewards Program allows you to earn a small amount of commission for every 1000 views on any video you upload. Visit for more in-depth info on how to make money from home. It doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you have the right skills and some creativity, you will make money online. You just need to be pointed in the right direction. And that’s what they do.


Create a Blog And Use Affiliate Marketing

Many people enjoy blogging for the sheer fun of it, but did you know that you can use affiliate marketing as a way to monetise your blog and earn money at the same time? This means that you mention a product or a service in one of your blog posts. Whenever someone clicks on the link to the product or service and then makes a purchase, you earn a little commission as a little thank you!

With affiliate marketing, it’s important to have a large number of followers if you’re going to make a fair amount of commission.


Sell Your Unwanted Items

Surely you have clothes, games, shoes, bags, general junk that you no longer want or need? Rather than letting it fester away under your bed or in the wardrobe, why not have a clear out and sell it on eBay. People will buy the strangest things these days so it’s certainly possible to make a good amount of cash simply by decluttering.


Make Cash From Your Creative Talents on Etsy

If you have a creative flair for something, perhaps making jewellery, making clothes, soft furnishings or general knick knacks, sell them on Etsy! You can create your own business in this way and do something you genuinely enjoy whilst making cash from it.

It can be difficult to earn a good amount of cash as a teenager, particularly under the age of 18. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! As these few suggestions show, you can easily make a little cash from the comfort of your own home, and the more effort you put forth, the more you’ll earn over the long-term.

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