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How To Be Productive When Working From Home

Many people love the idea of working from home, and in many cases it does work out. There is much more freedom, it’s more comfortable, there is no commute (which saves money and the environment), and it means that a positive work–life balance can finally be realized.

However, there are some issues that are associated with working from home, and one of these is productivity. When you are so close to your TV set, or you can go online without your employer seeing what you are doing, or you just want to stop work early because you can, productivity can slump. So, how can you enjoy the benefits of being able to work from home while still being productive? Here are some tips.

Leave Home

Sometimes it will be impossible to be at home to work. The kids might be off school, you might have guests, perhaps you are carrying out small bathroom remodeling, or you’re packing to move home (or unpacking in your new place), and you just can’t concentrate. If this is the case, you don’t have to stay at home to work from home. Working from home just means not being in the office, so if you want to head to a café, a park, a library, a friend’s house, or anywhere else where you can work productively, then that’s what you should do.


Have Set Working Hours

If you went to an office every day, then you would have to be there at a certain time. Lunch would be at a set time. You would leave at the right time, too. Take these times into consideration, and use them when you are working from home. Start work at the right time (after getting up, washing, dressing, and having breakfast, just as you would if you had a train to catch or if you had to leave in the car to get to an office) and finish at the right time. In the same way that it’s tempting to be a little less productive some days, it can also be tempting to keep on working beyond when you would have left an office, just because you can. Neither of these options is good for you.

If you work between set hours, not only will you be more productive because you have only a limited amount of time to get everything done, you will also find that you aren’t mixing your work with your home life, and this is of benefit to you, everyone around you.

Have Your Own Room

Another issue that can cause a homeworker to be unproductive is if they don’t have their own office space to work in. This could be a spare bedroom that has a desk in it, for example. Or perhaps you have space in your yard to build an office with power and lighting, allowing you to literally leave the house and go to a place of work each day.

Having your own workspace is great for productivity. If you have to work in a room full of other people, or you’re working in your bedroom or at the kitchen table, you might not be as productive as you should be. You’ll be constantly distracted, and even if you do get all your work done, will it be to the right standard?


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