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How Artificial Intelligence Transforming The SEO World

According to McKinsey, AI tends to transform the world of marketing and unlock approximately $2.6 trillion in business value. Take the example of BrightEdge, a digital marketing company. It embraced the wonders of AI and now offers real-time optimization powered by machine learning and AI. This is not the first instance of AI. Take a step back and look at the thi;ngs that you use on a daily basis. From automatic detection of location for your Google Maps to determine the price of your ride on Uber or Lyft, AI owns them all. Now take a look at five incredible ways AI is transforming the SEO world.

1. Real-time data is going to be the new trend

Google processes almost 3 billion searches every day and 15% of them had never been seen before. This is primarily due to the advent of RankBrain, Google’s first machine-learning AI system required to process search results. RankBrain tends to aggregate and organize keywords and search terms 10X faster than traditional SEO techniques.
Say you went on a vacation to Miami. While you were basking in the Sun at the beach, your CMO sends an email stating your competitor has dominated the top position for the keywords like paper help” or “Essay Writer” Naturally, you have moved into position two for this term. Therefore, your CMO demands a full explanation of when this happened and what you should do to curb the problem.
Owing to AI, you will have access to real-time data. You can determine what’s really happening in online searches while it is happening. You don’t have to depend on older posts and data. You may discover that you have lost your dominant position in only a few markets. All you have to do is examine the patterns, understand the root of this problem and then come up with an effective solution.

2.AI revolutionizes content marketing

According to Demise Hassabis, AI is the “science of making machines smart.” As per an IBM Marketing Cloud Study, 90% of the data on the Web was created two years before the survey. Content marketers have access to tons of sources such as web analytics, social monitoring, call tracking, email, advertising, re-marketing, etc. Building content strategies based on this wide pool of information and creating content at scale is quite a daunting task.
Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, has an infinite ability to process data and share predictions or contents based on tons of resources in a better, cheaper and faster way. Sounds unbelievable? Consider Facebook, which uses deep learning techniques to bring forth the most relevant and updated content to its target audience. Say you search for little black dresses on Amazon and you will find similar suggestions on your Facebook profile at the next moment.
Owing to the popularity of smart-phone usage and mobile-first indexing, keywords will become shorter and more specific. Say you type in ‘brownie’ on the Google search tab. From a recipe to the restaurants, you may be looking for anything that’s related to the brownie. AI will understand your search intent and bring forth a pretty much of everything on the SERP including nutritional facts, restaurants, etc.

3. Voice search is all set to gain momentum due to AI

Almost 35.6 million Americans use voice searches instead of typing whole sentences in the search box. Take the examples of Alexa and Siri. They are nothing but products of AI and machine learning. People like to speak directly with computer devices to get the information they want instantly. Imagine the amount of traffic you can generate if you could optimize voice search results with the help of AI.
Online searches have become way conversational due to the combination of AI and SEO. Thus, you need to focus on keywords that are more conversational. By 2020, you can expect almost 30% of web browsing sessions to be completely based on voice searches. That means, your target clients will no longer use the same old keywords that you may have been using in your content for now.
When you type, you may use the keyword ‘weather Tokyo.’ But, when you voice search, the keyword becomes ‘what’s the weather up there in Tokyo?’ Voice searches usually consist of words that begin with ‘Who’, ‘Where’, ‘When’, ‘What’, etc. You are most likely to attract traffic if you tend to answer the questions of your target clients through different content. And do not forget to use a conversational tone in your content.

4. It is all about improved user experience

Google wants websites to give value to the readers. The search engines prioritize high quality, informative and relevant content over spammy ones. Google has rolled out multiple algorithm updates to make the user experience as smooth as possible. You may already have a solid grip on SEO and AI if you create valuable content for your target clients. However, things have gone a notch high with the pairing up of RankBrain, Panda, and Penguin.
AI algorithms are here to make the jobs of digital marketers way easier and simpler. You can make the best use of artificial intelligence to learn about your user behavior and experience. UX teams can create models on the basis of your user preferences and come up with more personalized applications for the high-end user experience. Better user experience indicates better SEO. That means you will have higher chances of beating your competitors and ranking your page at the #1 position in the SERPs.
AI understands better how your target audience thinks and behaves. It will take the irrationality of human behavior into consideration, thereby bringing forth accurate search results to your target audience. All in all, SEO is no longer just about keywords and content. It is also about personalized user experience or UX. Urge your designers to embrace the best product design methods of AI and machine learning.

My Final Thoughts

Considering the above facts, it is quite evident that AI is changing the SEO world to a huge extent. The combination of AI and SEO is most likely to prevent SEO practitioners from using black hat SEO anymore. You can expect real-time data and more personalized customer service. Also, the voice search is going to dominate the SERPs. Hence marketers must focus on conversational keyword optimization.

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