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How Are WordPress Plugins Helpful In Digital Marketing?

There are a lot of highly efficient WordPress plugins that help in making a website a really good playground for digital marketing. If you want your digital marketing agency to succeed on proper marketing of the site, you must give this much support that you develop a WordPress site by the developer. There are many utilities of a WordPress site, the prime one being the availability of too many high quality highly important and fantastically helpful plugins. Plugins are the reasons the world goes gaga on WordPress based sites. And it’s the plugins again, which makes the job of internet marketers easy and systematic. That’s why getting a WordPress site in the first place, and later getting the concept of helpful plugins is going to help you a lot, in the long run, to do adequate long term marketing for the website.


This plugin is a support system to help you in the use of google analytics. Google Analytics is a highly important tool to scrape and understand and record analytical data about your site. But the amateur would take some time to grab the working of the tool. MonsterInsights helps grab the working of Google analytics in a simpler way and helps you in working with the tool better. Tracking in advanced levels of the various things like custom dimension, e-commerce, and forms, etc. get easy with this plugin. With the plugin, all the analytics reports can be viewed right on your WordPress dashboard.


If you are keen on converting the traffic to your website into leads, then OptinMonster is the best plugin for you. This lead generation plugin helps you create email opt-in forms, subscriber forms, and many such forms and helps them display on the site. Forms in different styles to appear creatively in various important locations on the webpage can be created and displayed with the plugin. There is an Exit-Intent technology in this plugin, which is specially created to help make the leaving visitors into customers or subscribers. Some other highly important tools in this plugin are, InactivitySensor, Scroll Trigger, etc.


Creating forms is one of the difficult things for novice users. With WPForms this problem gets solved in a whizz. The plugin is to help make excellent, creative, simple, stylish, and all sorts of forms for various uses. It’s primarily used for making contact forms. Using the form, users can contact you and reach you. Hence this is an important plugin. The plugin helps anyone make forms without knowing a line of code, and is a highly preferred user-friendly plugin. The created form can be easily placed anywhere on the website, on blog posts, widgets, sidebars, footers, etc.


With this plugin, you can put affiliate links at the right places on your webpage so that your users can view the clickable links easily. The plugin helps in displaying links ina proper order categorically, and also enables you to place the links inside the blog posts.

Yoast SEO

This plugin is helpful directly for SEO. The prime job of the plugin is to make the content of the website SEO friendly by checking through the site fully. It helps add meta tags, descriptions, and keywords at the correct places. It reviews the content and prompts you to place the right tags and keywords at the correct places for better visibility and SEO. The plugin also helps you with technical aspects like the management of the sitemap, robots.txt, and permalink URLs.


This plugin is a concoction of many functions and simplifies digital marketing so very much for the users. With this plugin, you get help in social media integration, SEO, paid marketing, and whatnot. The multi-featured marketing-friendly plugin is must-have. Get analytics reports to view, perform organic researchers of keywords and competitor data analysis, and do loads of work with this single plugin. Other important features include brand monitoring, site auditing, organic traffic insights, social media tracking, content analysis, etc.


One of the chief sources of income through websites is through the display of ads. This plugin helps in creative, smart, and display ads on your WordPress site; you can use the plugin to display ads on the site creatively. Without having to know codes, or write a line of code, you can display ads on the site anywhere, on the sidebars, on widgets, etc. through the use of this ad-displaying plugin.


MailChimp is a very highly useful plugin which helps in making email newsletters. Making newsletters and sending them via email to your subscribers get easy with this plugin. With this account, you get your WordPress site connected to your MailChimp account in simple steps. And then you can create email signup forms. These forms can be used for getting subscribers.

Revive Old Post

With the help of this plugin, you can engage your viewers on social media, by showing them your old WordPress posts. The plugin helps automatically pull out old word press posts and displays them on your social media accounts to captivate users. There are settings in the plugin to choose the number of posts set the time difference between them.

Importance of the plugins

All of these plugins are great hits in the world of digital marketing. Even your digital marketing company would feel good to see your WordPress site installed with these plugins. In case they install the plugin on the site, you would know why they are installed and would not be in total darkness about what’s going on in marketing.


Any WordPress site gets multifunctional with the right set of plugins installed on it. Hence when you know the importance of the plugins, and know the right ones to install, and choose them for their site, the site would get strong, multi-functional, and can help you get great success in all-round digital marketing in a short time. It’s easy to rank WordPress sites just because of incredibly helpful plugins.



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