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Getting the best reputation for your company: online and off

Every company wants to boost its reputation. Combining a healthy mix of marketing, advertising and PR are perhaps the most commonly-used approaches. As well as a brilliant marketing strategy, it is important that your reputation shines from the inside out. In order to be a truly authentic in your outward appearance as a company, everything needs to be ticking along nicely from within. Here are just a few ways to get your company’s brilliant personality across.


Contented employees

Word of mouth is incredibly important for your business, and you don’t want any negative feedback to trickle through that dialogue. Particularly in smaller towns and cities, the reputation of an unethical or difficult employer will escape quite quickly. If you want your employees to say nothing but great endorsements of your business, then the best tactic is to monitor their happiness. Online engagement tools, which can be found at, help your company to gauge what is going right, and indeed wrong, about your company.


Accurate online data

There is nothing that arouses suspicion about a company than a lack of information. Not being able to locate the business’ location or their opening hours will make many wonder just how authentic they really are. You will need to have accurate information about where to find you and how to reach you on:


  • Your website
  • Facebook
  • Google Maps
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter


Not being able to locate you will only frustrate visitors and customers alike.


Be trustworthy

This sounds so simple, but being trustworthy is not just about being transparent and honest. Keeping your word and committing to promises helps to show clients and customers alike that you can stick to your commitments. Being flaky, unreliable and generally late can give other businesses and customers the impression that you aren’t entirely on-the-ball.


Embrace mobile-friendly

When you consider that 4.78 billion are estimated to be using smartphones in the year 2020, it’s imperative that your business makes its online platforms cell phone-friendly. Your website should be fully functional and ready to go, as your potential customers could get the first glimpse of your company via their smartphone.


New and exciting content

If you want part of your digital marketing strategy to focus on content, then why not try some modern approaches? The likes of GoPro have transformed how companies and personal users record online content. Video is not only widely-used to tell a story, but in recent years the quality of online footage has kicked up a notch, with many businesses favoring 4k and expertly-edited videos for their websites.


Improving your company’s reputation isn’t just about behaving ethically. It’s about caring for employees and producing a high-quality marketing strategy that will get you seen. Ultimately, the image you project onto the world should reflect the values within. You can’t claim to be a forward-thinking and savvy business if your employees and hard workers are dissatisfied.

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