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Content Marketing Tips for Insurance Companies

Writing content for insurance companies is a little different to other types of businesses. While the product itself isn’t exactly the most attractive, it’s vitally important for most consumers (and businesses too) to have the right insurance in place. Therefore, getting this point across in a powerful way and bringing the human element into it is extremely helpful.

Here are some content marketing tips for insurance companies (that could apply to some other industries too).

Appeal to the Emotions

Appealing to the emotions is a useful sales technique to make a product or service relevant to the consumer. After all, people don’t usually buy products based on specifications, but on how it makes them feel to own it or use it.

When you want site visitors to get quotes for life insurance, it’s useful to talk about how it will support their life. After they are sold on the relevant of insurance, they will be far more interested in getting a quote. So, don’t put the cart before the horse. For example, comparison site Insurance Geek offers competitive insurance quotes from 30+ insurers while still providing useful information to the visitor. Indeed, mentioning cases where they’ve helped families who’ve recently lost a loved one (by expediting a life insurance claim) connects their product to real life situations.

Write for Your Audience, Not the Search Engines

It’s commonplace to use content marketing to rank highly in Google and Bing. This leads to more organic traffic to the website which can be converted into new buyers. Okay, great. But be careful when doing this, because it’s all too easy to publish content that serves the needs of the search engine’s spider that crawls the web and not that of your intended audience.

First, determine what your existing audience is interested in hearing about. From there, it’s possible to use an SEO tool like ahrefs or SEMrush to find relevant search terms around this topic. Doing both means not only will the audience get new content on topics they’re interested in, but searchers may visit the site looking for that type of content too. Indeed, it’s possible to satisfy both groups making your marketing content effective in multiple ways through a single publication.

Use an Appropriate Length

There’s an obsession currently with how long articles are. Particularly on affiliate websites, some consumer guides are 4,000 or 5,000 words long; even information articles can be 2,000+ words in length. Much of the information is repetitive and not very valuable to visitors.

Focus on providing genuinely useful information. Ensure it’s actionable; not something people can consume passively and not respond to directly. Encourage interaction and comments to confirm what action readers have taken. Ask for feedback from your visitors too.

Content marketing isn’t just about publishing articles to get increased traffic and more inbound links – it’s bigger than that. When providing something useful to the reader, it builds brand reputation. This can be even more persuasive than expensive marketing campaigns in getting the sale.

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