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Building A Strategy for Influencer Marketing: 5 Essential Things to Keep in Mind

Social media developments and advancements have changed the way marketing strategies are shaped. Algorithms now limit the organic reach that you can achieve and as a result, using social media influencers has risen to become the most practical digital marketing strategy. 

It’s no doubt that influencer marketing is at a peak. Many brands are looking into using this social media marketing strategy because it adds value to any digital outreach campaign. 

Even though that is true, there is a lot of consideration that goes into building an effective strategy. You need to connect with the right influencers that have captivated the eyes of the target market you’re trying to reach.

There are other various considerations that need to be accounted for before implementing an influencer marketing strategy. Here are the top 5 things that need to be remembered when planning a strategy for influencer marketing:

Set goals

Setting goals is the most crucial part of planning a digital marketing campaign. Those goals will make it easy for brands to know if they are heading in the right direction. Goals will also show you what the future should look like just in case you unintentionally veer off the trajectory initially planned. Some of the goals that can be included are SMART goals, predetermining an ROI and KPI. 

These goals will give you an idea of the amount that should be invested in the influencer marketing strategy. You will also get an idea of who the influencer marketing strategy should be targeted. 

Most importantly, goals will enable you to have effective measuring tools to determine how far off you are to reaching the destination in mind. When working on this influencer marketing strategy, you might need help with business research papers and PPT’s for which you can use a custom writing service. Not only will it save time for you, but also help you with having a high-quality writing work at your disposal.

Goals may vary depending on the type of business and their major trade mediums. For example, a business may realize that they need more online traffic. As a result, increasing web traffic becomes a key point in their overall strategy. On the other hand, newer businesses may like to focus on building brand awareness in the targeted market. 

While a business dependent on sales may put their efforts towards generating more leads. Alternatively, according to their needs, some businesses may prefer to work on their engagement rates on social media platforms. It doesn’t matter what kind of goals a business has but they help shape the influencer marketing strategy they should utilize.

Determine the appropriate influencer network 

Determining the appropriate influencer network is the most critical step of building a digital marketing strategy of this sort. That is because you don’t want all efforts to be directed in the wrong direction, which will lead to wasted money, resources and time. To avoid this, ensure that you carefully think about the brand you’re promoting and what type of voice it needs. 

With that information, source influencers where that brand fits. Bear in mind that not all influencers have millions of followers and are celebrities. Remember that you can find big fish in a small pond but you just have to ensure that you’ve found the appropriate network. 

There are various ways you can use to source the appropriate influencer network. One of those methods is using hashtags to find out who posts related content. Use hashtags related to the company, product or market. 

The great part is that hashtag links don’t only work on Twitter but also other channels such as Instagram and Facebook also use them to connect related posts. Research different influencers and see how much of a following they have and, most importantly, their engagement with followers. 

You can also use Google to find out if there are bloggers who have a large digital footprint that might give the brand more exposure. When Google searching them, use keywords related to the industry you are trading in to get to see relative content only. 

Connect with influencers

After sourcing the appropriate influencer network, there is still more work that needs to be done. To gain their full attention, you need to connect with them by communicating with them. Getting an influencer onboard is a two-way street. You need to also add value to them before they can start helping out. 

To grab the attention of influencers, you need to take measures to improve your credibility in front of them. When contacting them, don’t make it all about you, but also remember to be of service to them in some way.

That can be accomplished by taking actions of good faith like writing a blog with similar content and backlinking their own work. That will make the message you would like to pass through relate closely to their work, which will result in a deeper relationship. Above that, doing so will also increase SERP rankings for you. 

Share the influencer’s posts on social media and reference them when writing content to expose you to him. Sharing and referencing the influencer’s posts will also add value to him because they stand to get more followers from it. That establishes a solid working relationship foundation and helps you prove yourself to him.

Don’t forget to like and comment on their posts to ensure that you remain visible on their feed. Also, crosslink their content across various platforms to widen their audience reach and to provide the followers you have with relative content they can enjoy.

Create different influencer strategies (Paid, earned and owned)

Depending on the goals you have predetermined, you can choose between paid, earned and owned influencer strategies. You can also mix these strategies to come up with the best digital marketing strategy for your brand. Paid influencers are prominent industry specialists or people popular about a certain subject matter. 

When choosing to use this method, carefully validate the audience’s reach of the potential influencer before investing in paying them. To get figures about an influencer’s reach, you can use sites such as Audiense to confirm the accuracy of the numbers they claim they have. It is your responsibility to be transparent with paid influencers to ensure that you the value you’re paying for.

Owned influencer strategies are cost-free methods of widening the reach of your content and brand. You can achieve this by using industry professionals that you have employed or other owned content channels such as social media pages, blogs, and websites. 

Posting relevant, high-quality content on these channels can generate organic shares from different influencers. It may take a while to get the latter strategy up and running because you might need to post a lot of content over a long period to get the attention of influencers.

Monitor the growth

The implementation process of the influencer marketing strategy is the most important stage. However, even after implementing your strategy, you still need to monitor the efficacy and functionality of it. Have a marketing plan that outlines what should be monitored and when you should check its progress. 

The key analytical tool to use for this purpose is the Return on Investment. All the returns you derive from the influencer marketing strategy should be more than what you’re paying. If not, you may be doing something wrong or directing efforts to the wrong crowd. In that case, you need to revise your whole plan.

Key points to look out for include engagement on posts and content, website traffic, social following, and conversions. The influencer relationships you have currently should also open doors to other potential business relationships. 

As the following grows, you might attract other influencers and would like to work with you. All these measuring tools show you if you’re getting the value you are paying for. Goals help you to map out where you are in relation to the destination you had in mind when starting out the digital marketing strategy.

Final thoughts

Planning and preparing an influencer marketing strategy is at your discretion and determining which approach you will use depends on personal preferences and the budget. However, engaging meaningfully with influencers will help you gain favor in their eyes and may get discounts or even get work done for free. 

Meaningful engagement includes adding value to their own endeavors, such as referencing and sharing the content they post. Doing so will boost your digital marketing campaign and widen the footprint you currently have.

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