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Are you ready for AI? Amazing Ways Artificial intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is everywhere.

Robots rely on AI to serve us.

You see AI when browsing the internet, chatting from your smartphone, buying goods online and in all aspects of your digital lifestyle.

Did you know that AI can have many applications in digital marketing?


Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, also known as machine learning, is the intelligence that machines possess.


The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is dominating the digital marketing spheres in 2020.

In a little while, digital marketing without AI may become almost impossible or medieval.

“As a technologist, I see how AI and the fourth industrial revolution will impact every aspect of people’s lives.” – Fei-Fei Li

As the year 2020 progresses, artificial intelligence will continue to permeate all software products and services.

Techgrabyte notes that:

“Artificial intelligence is the biggest commercial opportunity for companies, industries, and nations over the next few decades” and “will increase global GDP by up to 14% between now and 2030,” which means that “AI latecomers will find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage within the next several years.”

But why are companies adopting artificial intelligence?

AIK is set to grow into a $190B industry by 2025.

Here are more reasons why you should be in it:


Top 9 reasons why you should adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI)

1. AI puts you at an advantage

If your company uses AI, it will have a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors now and in the future.

71% of B2B marketers are using AI to personalize their branding message.


2. AI amplifies your communication

AI will help you create compelling messages that resonate with specific consumer needs such as their thoughts and feelings.


3. AI introduces revolutionary business ideas

Artificial Intelligence has brought completely new business solutions which promise to meet your needs and your goals better


4. AI harvest data from your audience

AI will help you gain deeper insights into your customers’ reactions to your brand. AI can analyze data from all platforms such as online search patterns on search engines, social media platforms and websites to give you concrete customer data.


5. Your competitors are in it

Your business competitors are probably already using AI in digital marketing. Businesses that are already using AI in 2020 will reduce staffing costs and grow faster and have a competitive edge over your business.

This year, more than 60% of companies will employ artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

You don’t want to be left behind.


6. New business entrants will throw you out

If you don’t employ AI at the moment, new organizations will enter your market and take over as you head towards oblivion.


7. Your customers are demanding for AI

Customers will start asking for AI-driven solutions soon. You better be prepared or they will seek alternative solutions.

67% of consumers are already using AI in the form of chatbots without knowing.

Furthermore, 97% of mobile phone users are already using AI in voice search.


8. Your suppliers are AI-oriented

Your suppliers will soon offer AI-driven products, services or raw materials. You need to incorporate AI components into your business.


9. The economic change will change you

The pressure to reduce operational costs will force you to abandon your current digital marketing strategies and adopt AI.

AI has already been applied in communication, product recommendations, content production, email customization and personalization of e-commerce transactions.


Applications of AI in Digital Marketing

1. AI in Content Creation

Did you know that a machine can write content, draw a graph and create a video on its own?

Yes, a machine can.

All you need is to feed it with the right information and it shall work faster and produce quality content.

Although AI cannot create nice gossip news or something juicy about your nextdoor model or your favourite politician, machines can create a very nice blog post.

Better still, blog posts and articles produced by machines have been found to attract traffic just like the ones written by humans.

Will machines replace writers one day?

Yes and no.

They have already replaced humans in some writing tasks but the technology is not perfect.

It is almost possible for them to accomplish human tasks of content creation.


Examples of AI applications in content creation.

If you head over to Google and search for article writing software, you are likely to see services such as Articoolo, ArticleGenerator, Article Forge, Instant Article Wizard and many more.

The websites offering automatic article writing services employ AI in writing original articles from scratch within a short time.

At the moment, Forbes’ has a Content Management System called Bertie, The Washington Post has an AI journalist called Heliograf while Bloomberg has Cyborg all of which can analyze data and provide detailed insights just like a human reporter or even better.

Does it mean that Journalism and human writing careers are dead?


It means that they are evolving at a fast rate. Companies which do not embrace AI are most likely to remain behind.


2. AI in Email Marketing

There are high chances that you subscribe to one of the websites in the world.

This is how it happens.

You visit a website and love the content.

As you are busy scrolling through, a pop up appears and tells you to subscribe for more updates on the same topic.

Since you love what you have just read, you provide your name and email and subscribe.

From there on, you receive email updates and sometimes the annoying and endless product offers.


You have been dealing with artificial intelligence all along.

The website owner personalizes the popup form to appear at the exact time when you cannot resist.

Many forms appear when you are about to leave the website and even ask you to sign up for some nice freebie.

Through AI, the website owner captures your email and uses it to send you personalized messages which might end up converting you into a customer.

Machine learning analyzes millions of data sets and comes up with the best time of the day to send emails, the best frequency that will increase open rates, the content that will attract the reader’s attention and your intent.

Boomtrain, Phrasee, and Persado use AI in email marketing.

Common email marketing services also use artificial intelligence.


3. AI in Content Curation

After watching a nice YouTube video, what do you normally see?

You see a list of recommended videos.

The same happens when you search on Google.

You get something like “people also searched for”

Likewise, on Amazon, you will see something like this:

“People who buy X also buy Y..”

Who do you think suggests such products or search queries to you?

It is the algorithm or the machine which has learnt your search intent.

I am not about to scare you but Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc know a lot about you.

Here is another one.

When you accept a friend request on Facebook, the next thing you see is a list of suggested friends through something called “people you may know”

And AI is very intelligent.

You end up sending friend requests to the suggested friends because you actually know them.

Netflix’s recommendation system also suggests movies and TV shows that you might love based on your watching history and their tracking cookies.

Now forget about the big guys.

Suppose you show your blog’s visitors the exact content that they love.

What will happen?

They will love your website more and more.

They will trust it because it offers them exactly what they need.

That is the power of artificial intelligence in content curation.


4. AI in Digital Advertising

Artificial Intelligence is heavily used in digital advertising.

I hope by now you have realized that you see ads that are related to your browsing history.

First of all, many websites compel you to accept their tracking cookies by giving you something similar to this: “by browsing on this website, you accept our cookie policy”

Then we websites track your online activity and start showing you ads of products that are closely related with the kind of content you consume.

Digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc use machine learning to identify users who are likely to act on an advert.

They show specific ads to such people to increase their revenue.

For instance, as a blogger and web designer, I normally see ads about online blogging courses and the best web hosting companies.

If you love recipes, you will see something different.

All of us see different ads because machines know our needs and they try to meet them differently.


5. AI in Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we chat on websites.

Companies can now reach prospects easily using communication and texting applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack.

Since many people are already using the apps, it is easier and convenient.

Furthermore, Live Chat plugins and widgets are employed in many websites to initiate chat sessions with website visitors or in answering questions to frequently asked questions.

Chatbots are advantageous since they can serve customers throughout the day, they are not moody and they can do more such as responding to more clients at the same time.


Final Remarks on the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence is a disruptive change that is here to stay.

This article has revealed its advantages and benefits in enhancing your digital marketing strategy.

AI is not supposed to replace the role of digital marketers or content creators.

It aims to make digital marketing campaigns blissful, more productive and faster.

Do not get stuck in the past.

Move along with the tide and embrace AI in digital marketing.

And let’s talk.

How are you using artificial intelligence in your digital marketing?


Author Bio

Kegesa Danvas is the founder of Cute Writers Digital. I am an engineer by profession, a tech marketing copywriter & web designer by passion and an SEO expert by calling. Check out The Cute Shop for more services. Hire me for long-form article creation, guest posting, infographic design and sponsored posts.

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