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A Better Brand Presence on Instagram Can Make Email Marketing More Productive

You will need to make a better brand presence and impact online to integrate email marketing with social media. There are different platforms that you can use, each of which has various features and fan following. For example, research shows that:
• There are more than a billion Instagram users
• 313 million Twitter users and
• More than 2.6 billion email users.
This means that if only you can integrate social media communications with your email marketing efforts, you will increase your reach significantly and raise the chances of converting both your existing and prospective consumers.
What is more, given the fact that more than 77% of the users prefer emails over any other forms of marketing for receiving promotional and relevant messages, it is more likely that you will have a far better opportunity to influence their buying decisions and increase your sales volume at the same time.
Some other benefits of integrating Instagram and email include:
• It increases the open rates and click-through rates
• It will help in improving your email subscribers’ list
• It will ensure higher engagement from your customers with your brand
• It will help you to track the performance metrics of our emails and
• It will help you to identify the key influencers.
This is an easy and effective process to connect with customers and make them your email subscribers where all you have to do is:
• Include an opt-in form in your account and
• Add a social sharing button in your emails.
All these will allow you to know your customers about your social presence and create a significant impact so that they get connected with you.
Effective strategies to grow email leads
You may not be aware of the worrying part of the social media platforms. Whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social media platform, all have the right to suspend and even delete your account for any reason and at any point of time without prior notice. Therefore, if you do not convert your followers to your email list before that, you will lose every single lead on these, forever.
You can turn your social followers into your email leads by following a few useful strategies which are followed by professionals like Gramista and others. One of the most commonly followed process to turn social followers into email leads is to create lead generating Instagram Stories. This will provide you with lots of possibilities. All you have to do is:
• Create a short promotional video
• Add clever marketing slogans in it and most importantly
• Add a call to action.
Be as creative as you can to harness the opportunities to generate more email leads this way without even having to ask people to subscribe.
Create short personalized emails
Experts say that short, meaningful, and customized emails create more opportunities to generate more leads as compared to those long, boring, and regular emails that look nothing more than an aggressive ad to make a sale.
• Short emails have a better open rate, according to research. A clear and concise message will let the people know what you want them to do easily and quickly, helping them to act on it.
• Personalized and short emails also have a better response making your campaign far more effective. The people are aware of the offers you make to them, and if it is interesting enough, they will visit your website and learn more about you and your product.
Another significant reason to keep your emails short and simple is that most of the people now use mobile phones and other small mobile devices to access the internet and read their mails, and they do not have much time in their hands. Therefore, short messages will convey what you want quickly, even on these devices that have a smaller screen as compared to a desktop computer.
Think out of the box
The main idea is to think out of the box and differently from your competitors so that you can generate more email leads from your Instagram and other social followers.
• You will need to bring out the competitive nature of your social followers because everyone loves it. Instagram is the best platform to host such a competition where the followers can win something incredible and useful to them. According to research, Instagram competitions and contests can generate comments 64 times and like 3.5 times more than those without it. Therefore, the competition will increase your reach and use it to leverage that for promoting your email list.
• You must also focus on the best ways in which you can get your followers involved more and more. One such effective way is to use the user-generated content or UGC. When you share the photos, videos, and reviews of your customers, it will boost engagement for sure and will prove to be the best word-of-mouth marketing in digital form. There are different researches conducted that show UGCs results in a 4.5% higher conversion rate as compared to any non-UGC post. In addition to that, this will give you access to lots of content that you can post later, saving you time and effort in creating new ones from scratch.
Just make sure that you research, create, and use a designated hashtag with then posts so that it encourages your followers to share and add their stories and photos. All these will enable you to drive people to the sign-up page.
Post product images
Lastly, more than anything, you should focus on posting product photos more than anything else through your emails.
For example, you can upload photos of a customer using your product, along with some background. This will make the visual more interesting and appealing.
In addition to that, you can send Instagram visuals screenshots directly to your customers or even provide links of your posts to them.
However, no matter whichever form you choose, make it a point that you do not send any images of your product through your emails as an attachment because they will not download it to view later. This will mean missed sales opportunities.

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