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8 Actionable Writing Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The key to an excellent digital marketing strategy is where to get your ideas. Before you can write, you need to know what to write. This is why we compiled 8 actionable writing tips to improve your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Create titles out of Reddit and Quora questions.

Search for an unanswered question and write about it in your blog. These two are the go-to resources of people who can’t find an answer online. If the question hasn’t been answered there, answer it on your blog.

   2. Develop topics using course materials from Udemy and StackSkills, etc.

These course sites are filled with chapters on topics about every industry. The great thing about this is that you can see which courses have the most views and what topics they teach in each syllabus.

    3. Use YouTube tutorials to write content.

The great thing about YouTube tutorials is that most of the comments of the vloggers are not written anywhere online. You can use their tips and musings to write content for your own business. Some people prefer written tutorials as well, so you may as well learn from the masters and share it with your audience. Just don’t transcribe the videos and use the text as your own.

    4. Use Hemingway App

Have you ever experienced a revision request because you used too many passive sentences? Yes? Then use this app because it is the key to correcting almost all your grammar issues. When your content has good grammar, algorithms will go to it like flies to honey.

    5. Check what is trending on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.

Not only do you get to watch movies, but you can also see what current trends and interests people are drawn to. The trending areas of these streaming sites show you what most of the viewers are watching. Don’t use your recommendations, however, because that’s all you. Now, you know what is trending you can apply the concept of the movies and shows to your writing.

    6. Check Pinterest for most Pinned posts.

Pinterest is a treasure trove of links to blogs that people want to read or keep coming back to. Use the topics as inspiration for your business. Just make sure that you add more information and make it as helpful as possible. Pretty pictures will help as well.

    7. Choose a favorite page on Facebook and replicate their most shared posts.

Remember, I said replicate, not copy. The most shared posts show that the content garnered the majority of the interest of the users. Not many people use Facebook as much as they do Instagram these days, but when they do, they sure are active in sharing. Put your own spin on the topic or make something better for your audience to read and share.

    8. Reward Clickbait Headlines

Clickbait still prevails in this day and age, but people will hate you if you lied on your headline. So, when you do use a clickbait title, make sure that the content is worth it. People will definitely share it and be proud that they didn’t fall for a useless clickbait article.

These are unconventional tips, but they are quite effective in developing your content marketing strategy. Do what the best are doing and do it better.

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