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6 Actionable Tips for Successful Sales Prospecting

Every business needs to have an active prospecting campaign to grow and stay profitable. Relying on current clients to generate revenue is a common pitfall of many businesses. Growth mitigates risks from client churn, and successful prospecting is a great way to do this. 

So first off, what is prospecting? Prospecting is the process of acquiring leads through a variety of sources that have a probability of turning into clients and customers. 

Prospecting doesn’t necessarily entail getting new clients directly. Prospecting is a process of leading potential buyers through the sales funnel to convert into revenue-generating customers. 

In this post we’ll be taking a look at actionable and useful tips that will help you become more successful in finding leads that have a high probability of converting into customers. 

1. Social Media


Social networks are hotspots for leads and customers for businesses. Besides just running a Facebook page, you can even create community groups where you share valuable information and content to generate trust with target audiences. 

We’ve seen complete agencies being run by referrals through community groups. A successful business should have an active community, and social media is the perfect place to build a community and get referral leads. 

Businesses should also focus on interacting with their followers on social media and starting discussions. Nurture relationships by engaging in conversation and you’ll have some extra leads simply by talking to people. 

2. Influencers

The word ‘influencer’ has lost much of its meaning but what we mean by influencer is anyone who is connected to a network of people who could be potential leads for you.

A great way to approach influencers is by sharing their content or engaging with their social posts. You can send them a message saying you would like to collaborate on some content and this way your business can get some exposure with their audience as well. 

We’ve seen companies do interviews with influencers just for the opportunity of appearing in front of the influencer’s audience when they share the interview. 

Influencers have already built their own personal brand based on trust, and you can leverage this trust for your benefit by engaging with them.

3. Content 

Content is still a great way to get inbound traffic and qualified leads. People who’re searching for content to answer questions they might have are already what would be considered as ‘warm leads’. 

This means they’re already searching for a product or service that’s similar to yours and are doing research. These are prime leads that can be easily targeted through high-ranking content. 

Content is only the starting point however, when it comes to sales. You need to have a call to actions in each piece of content that you publish to get leads from it. 

Have a simple call to action such as newsletter signups or even free consultations. A high ranking piece of content for good volume keywords will generate several leads every month for you. 

4. Events

Nothing beats good old networking when it comes to prospecting. Remember, even with everything going digital these days, personal networking is still important. 

For smaller businesses that have limited resources, networking is absolutely key to finding leads and getting new clients. 

A simple way of getting leads through events is to look for events in your industry, and then attending them. Network with the people present there and have business cards ready in case they want to establish a long term connection. 

Reach out to them on LinkedIn afterwards and say that it was great meeting them and having a conversation. These might seem like simple things but they’re highly effective. 

5. Customer Referrals

The strongest advocates for your product or service are your satisfied customers. Little do you know, but they’re already happy to talk about how great your product or service is for them. 

Incentivize them and they’ll make sure to drop your name if a relevant discussion starts. Satisfied customers are social proof that what you offer is valuable, so use them and spread the word around. 

Something as simple as a small discount on payments will incentivize customers to refer new customers to you. 

6. Cold Emails

Cold emails have a bad reputation because we all get tens if not hundreds of spam emails everyday. Most cold emails are sent without any regard for the recipient or what their actual needs are. 

What you can do differently is to look for contacts in an industry that you serve and have expertise in. Prepare case studies, and then reach out to these contacts via cold emails. 

To start off a successful relationship with a cold lead, you need to offer something in return. A great way to start off is to offer a free trial or free consultation to show the customer what you have to offer.

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