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5 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Content in 2020

Digital content will continue to be important for all businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs in 2020 and beyond. You should continue to stay on top of trends and keep your eye on emerging future technologies that might be game changers. For now, businesses have several options to better optimize their content. As we move into the new decade, it’s important to stay on top of current and future trends for digital content. Without any further ado, here are 5 ways to optimize your digital content in 2020.

Continue to Optimize SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, which has been a critical component in any company’s marketing strategy for over a decade now, will continue to be important in 2020. There is always room for improvement when it comes to high placement of your content across search engines. Paying attention to SEO and using good practices, such as placing quality links in the content and not stuffing content full of keywords are two simple ways you can improve your SEO. Think about what keywords drive clients and users to your content. They should not be too broad, but they also should not be so hyper specific that no one would search for it unless they already knew exactly who you are. Keywords should be things that will draw new customers to your business website.

Use Videos

Videos will continue to be a valuable component in digital marketing. They are a more effective and attention-grabbing form of content than text or even images. This includes both pre-recorded videos and livestreams. Multiple studies have shown that videos have a greater impact and promote more interaction than static images. You can make videos yourself or enlist the services of a professional video production company to ensure the quality is top-notch. You can also provide transcriptions to boost SEO and provide accessibility to people with hearing difficulties. Subtitles and transcripts for the blind help your content reach wider audiences and communicates to your customers that you value their individual needs.

Employ Personalization

Personalizing content for each customer is becoming more and more viable thanks to artificial intelligence, social media, and the major search engines, which all gather large amounts of data on users to show them content they are most likely to be interested in. Customers are more likely to do business with a company that addresses them by name in e-mail newsletters and shows them content based on their interests. Do your research and implement name-gathering and other strategies to further personalize your content. More personalization and less spammy marketing emails makes your viewers feel like they are being treated like people, not commodities.

Optimize for Mobile and Voice Search

Voice search is the next big thing, already used in smart speaker devices such as Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) and Google Home. It’s also rapidly growing in use among mobile users. Content can be optimized by including terms customers are likely to search for in headings and providing short snippets that Google can quickly display to searchers. Simply optimizing websites and content to be viewed on mobile devices will continue to be important as well. Think about the ways your content can be optimized for various devices and searching methods, as this is an upgrade that serves your audience’s needs and your own.

Branch Out Onto Other Sites

Your business likely only uses a social media site or two in addition to a blog on your website. You can optimize your content by getting it onto other sites where your target customers are most likely to see it. This can be in the form of guest blog posts or by building a platform on a smaller, niche social media site like Tumblr, Goodreads, or any number of social networking sites centered around food and recipes. New sites become big all the time and you can optimize your content by being aware of and leveraging them.
Digital content can always be optimized to better appeal to customers, and it is important to remain aware of trends coming in the future. In 2020, we can be sure to see many advances and changes in how we view digital content and online advertising. The optimization of your content can generate more leads and position your company as expert professionals in the field. Try a number of methods to discover what works for your business.

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