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3 Reasons Why Every Startup Should Have a Clear PR Strategy

If you’re a budding startup, then you have to find cost effective ways to generate attention for your brand. And PR is one of the most powerful tools you can use if you want to create a lasting impression on the public and get your name, and eventually your products, out there. However, too many tech startups tend to have a reductive view of what PR is and how they can use and benefit from it. Here are some of the things a powerful PR strategy could do for your business.

You’ll Attract New Opportunities

PR allows you to reach the people who matter in your industry, provided you use the proper channels. PR when used properly can show a lot about your expertise and give credibility to your brand. All of a sudden, you might start getting attention from possible partners, investors, and suppliers.

However, you still have to be picky and not get overwhelmed by all the sudden attention. While PR can be used to attract suppliers, you also have to find ways to cut costs by doing the legwork and have room to negotiate. If you’re in tech, then a parts search engine like Octopart could help. You’ll be able to quickly access a vast catalog of parts and be able to compare them with competitors who solicit you. This will give you more bargaining chips, and make sure that you’re actually getting a deal.

Build a Bond with Your Community

People often underestimate how much community involvement can mean in terms of long-term growth and brand recognition. By giving back in a way that benefits your clientele and the people in your direct community, you will not only show a good image, but you could also get attention you didn’t even expect. Making a difference will certainly give you a better chance of getting actual press than a thousand mass distributed cookie cutter press releases.

Get Through the Blind Spot

People are increasingly becoming skeptical about ads of any sort, to the point where many will tune them out completely. As a matter of fact, a recent study found that 92 percent of all customers would trust media sources before the trust ads. So, if you want to get through to this potential client base, good PR is the only way.

And PR generated traffic converts better as well. As a matter of fact, it was shown that PR leads convert as much as 50 times better than traditional advertising. So, if you’re not using PR to your advantage, you’re leaving money on the table. Not to mention that many great products failed, not because they weren’t ticking all the right boxes, but because they never got to make it to the public eye.

PR should be part of any startup’s marketing tool box, and should be used at all levels. Make sure that you at least start talking with a team that will be able to give you some recommendations and enlighten you on all the things good PR could do for you.

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