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How to attract top talent to your brand

The difference between a good company and a great one is the talent that you have on board. Attracting the right talent has always been a challenge, but modern trends and technologies have made it easier than ever. The problem for recruiters and HR departments is understanding the fact that people now look far beyond the traditional elements of job applications. While salary is still an important factor, it is no longer the defining element when someone decides to apply for a position. Through enhanced benefit options and a stronger focus on brand culture, it is now much easier to not only attract but retain the best employees for your business.


Customized Focus

Your brand’s core goals are not going to be enough to attract much more than the generic applicant. You need to excite applicants, and that’s why job postings need to be customized to attract those that are enthusiastic about the position. You need to sell the role via the unique projects and tasks that the successful applicant will be undertaking. Using more generic job postings means that you are dismissing those core projects that will excite new team members.


Selling Packages

When salary is no longer the sole consideration for applying for a job, you need to understand just why someone would want to come and work with you. This is the key to attracting the best talent. While customized and role-relevant job postings are important, so too are personalized benefits packages. You will need to identify what job seekers are looking for in terms of each role that you’re hoping to fill, then offer the benefits packages that matter. This is made easier through the use of TriNet employee benefits packages, which can customize what you offer for each new role and employee. You can then offer those benefits so you can compete with larger brands and ensure that you do not lose the vital talent that you have sourced.


Workplace Flexibility

As well as any brand relevant benefits that you offer, you should also offer options for more flexible working. Through easier online communications than ever before, it is now perfectly feasible for team members to work from anywhere in the world. The rise of the digital nomad has proved that, but that is the extreme end of the flexi-time benefits you can offer. Not every team member will need to be in the office every day. When you allow workers to take control of their working hours and working conditions, you are offering something that can have a very substantial effect on their lives. For those employees with families or study commitments, remote working can be a life-changer.


When it comes to attracting the best talent for your brand, you are no longer hindered by the size of your company. By making use of the most in-demand benefits, as well as the advantages of technology to allow for easier workload management, you can make sure that you get the applicants for your business that will only help to drive your growth.

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