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Expanding Your Company On A Global Scale: A How-To Guide

If your business has found success, but you want to further this and dominate the industry, then you may want to consider international expansion. This can be a daunting task, but if your business is proving to be popular and you are ready to scale up, then it can be an exciting time and also a smart business move. So, how can you go about expanding your company on a global scale? There are a few key steps to take, which should ensure for a smooth process and will help you to get up and running without impacting your operation at home.


Market Research & Growth Strategy

Markets differ heavily in different countries, so it is essential that you conduct new market research to determine the size of the market, who your competitors are and pricing in the new market. Additionally, developing a growth strategy which factors in the differing economic, social, and government conditions of the new country will provide a guideline for you to get the business up and running.


Choose A Reliable Team

It can take time to build a local team from scratch, which is why it is better to use senior interim executives who can lead and hit the ground running while instilling company values. You could also use a local business development manager to build a permanent team in the meantime.


Prepare Products

Depending on where you are expanding to, you may need to make slight alterations to your products/services so that it is more suitable for the new market. Any changes may require further testing quality assurance, patents, and more.


Digital eCommerce Supplier Portals

Digital eCommerce supplier portals from the experts at can provide streamlined communication, clear functionality, and a great user experience for your suppliers around the world, which is crucial in today’s digital and global markets, allowing to tap into a new market smoothly.



Much like when you first launch a new company, one of the biggest challenges that business owners face when expanded internationally is making people aware of their business. This will involve using digital marketing to increase your visibility online, but it is also important to advertise in the local area.


Consult With Global Experts

With so many businesses now looking overseas to expand their business, it is no surprise that there are so many global experts and consultancies setup which can assist businesses with this process. This can be of great help because these experts can help to make the process smooth and help a company to adapt to the local markets and cultures.

Expanding overseas can be a smart business move if you are looking to grow your company and find greater success, but it is also a considerable challenge and one with many hurdles to overcome. The above advice should help you to navigate this process and determine whether or not it is a viable move for your company without impacting your operation back at home.

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