Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blog posts, YouTube, podcasts. There is so much content on the internet. It can get overwhelming. You may ask yourself how you can make your voice louder than the sea of other voices. This isn’t the question you need to be asking, however. You need to ask how you can create the best content possible.

Done correctly, content marketing can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for companies and businesses of all sizes, in all fields. Content marketing is no longer optional; it’s now a necessity. Are you unsure what types of content to use? There are quite a few types of content to choose from. Here are five:

1. Blog posts

Even in 2019, blogs are still popular, especially if you post content like lists or checklists, which always do very well. You can also have guest posts on your blog as these benefit everyone. You get free content with a guest blog post, and they get exposure and promotion. You can post interviews with industry experts. The possibilities are endless.

Sites that have a blog have more pages that get indexed on Google, which means that they have a better chance of showing up on the search engine results. Sites with blogs tend to have a lot more backlinks as well, which helps SEO tremendously. You can also feature guest posts from other authors or interviews with experts in your field, and these people will link to your blog as well.

2. Video

Video content is doing very well right now. According to Statista, 85% of total users of the internet in America watched video content online each month. The demand for this type of content is also increasing. 54% of consumers stated they wished to see more video content from brands and businesses they support.

There are a lot of ways you can use video content. For example, you can create how-to videos related to your niche or you can create videos interviewing industry experts. You can make a video where you answer customer or client questions. You can also do customer testimonial videos. Video content tends to do a little better on most of the social media platforms.

3. Audio

Another type of content that is blowing up right now is audio. For instance, weekly podcast listeners listen to an average of six and a half hours of podcasts. Furthermore, in 2016, there were 43,000 audiobooks produced.

More and more people are listening to audio content these days. This is likely because people are busy. They can listen to audio content while they are driving or doing household chores like laundry or dishes. We’re still in a place where there are far many more listeners than podcasts. Why not take advantage of that and produce some audio content?

4. Infographics

Did you know that infographics can increase website traffic by up to 12%? Our brains can process information on an infographic easier than just text. Infographics with colors tend to do better than black and white infographics. That’s because people are 80% more willing to read content if it’s presented with colors. Infographics are a unique way to present information to visitors.

Infographics can help your customers to better visualize data. This way, they will have a better idea of why something is valuable or how it works. Infographics are best used for any information that would be ideally presented in a visual way.

5. Long-form content

Long-form content does better with search engines than short content does. Long-form content can be any piece of content from 800 words to 3000 words, depending on whose definition you’re looking at. Long-form content works because it forces people to stay on your webpage for longer and engage with you.

These are just five types of content you might consider using in your content marketing strategy. The most important thing is that you put a lot of thought, effort, and creativity into whichever type of content you do end up using. If you’re still not sure what types of content are right for you and your business, consider hiring a marketing agency to help you to create a content marketing strategy that’s right for you.

When was the last time you thought of a content marketing campaign that did not involve social media? If you are finding it hard to recall, it is no longer possible to plan a content marketing campaign without social media; not in today’s date. When 73% of the marketers believe that social media marketing is effective for their businesses, you have no choice but to explore the possibilities social media has to offer.
Over the years, social media platforms have proven their worth as an extremely effective marketing tool, but have you thought about using this tool to test your digital marketing campaigns?
I’m guessing you were unaware of the possibility of testing digital marketing campaigns with social media. Don’t be embarrassed. If you are using social media for content marketing, you are already halfway there. All you need to do is identify the metrics that can help you test your marketing efforts. And for that, you have to read this blog. Fair deal, right? So, here we go.

1.Test your headlines:

Any piece of content that you post on social media, be it a blog, a video, an image or a podcast should carry a title, a caption or a headline. As you may have already noticed, headlines are the first thing that your audience notices about your posts. The credibility of the headlines determines the engagement related to the respective posts.
See how many clicks you are getting for a certain type of headlines. If the click-through rates (CTR) of a certain type of headlines are low, you need to try different forms of headlines for the next posts. Also, consider the number of shares, likes, and growth in the number of followers when you are testing different headlines.

2.Pretest the campaign themes:

If you are willing to launch a big marketing campaign on social media, it is better to test the crucial elements of that campaign. For a successful campaign, you must have campaign architecture and a set of key messages that can match the taste of your audience. But before you roll out your campaigns, it is recommended to conduct a few test runs to check the potential of the campaign themes.
You can use your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to share blogs, videos, images or discussions with the same key messages, and see how your audiences are responding to them. The level of engagement and the feedback can help you understand if the chosen campaign themes are actually resonating with your audiences or not.

3.Figure out which medium works best for you:

Many people may suggest you go all-out with your content marketing campaigns and use every medium to propagate your message. However, it is not exactly a cost-effective plan if you consider the overall return. It is better to identify where your target audiences spend most of their time. Once you can identify those mediums, you will be able to get better conversions.
Moreover, you will be able to determine the potential of your strategies more accurately with the knowledge of the responsive mediums. If your target audiences spend most of their time on Instagram, testing the potential of a strategy on LinkedIn may not offer you the right set of data. Having knowledge of your audiences’ preferences will also help you strategize effectively.

4. Find out the best day and best time to post in the week:

Every day is a new day. If your posts and marketing activities on social media did not get the right kind of response yesterday, it does not mean it will be the same today. There is a right time for everything, even for social media posts. You just need to keep an eye on the engagement level to identify the time of the week your audiences are most active.
If your target audiences are students, posting blogs regarding paper help in the afternoon won’t get much engagement as the target audiences will be attending classes during that hour. With a time-based approach, you can get a higher engagement for each of your content marketing campaigns (if you can use the timing to your advantage).
For testing which day of the week is most fruitful in terms of audience engagement, you should post equally engaging content for several weeks. Otherwise, you won’t be able to determine whether the difference in audience engagement was due to the timing or the content quality.

5.Measure the results of individual social media posts:

While testing the content marketing and digital campaigns, it is also important to know how the posts are performing on popular social media platforms. Interestingly, all these platforms have certain features that let you monitor the performance of each post from your account, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.
Analyzing your social media posts can give you significant insights about your audience. It can be quite useful if you are just starting out. In case you need detailed information about the performance of your posts, you can use Google analytics. Most of the marketers rely on this tool to measure the clicks, shares, likes, views and other metrics of a post.
Parting thoughts,
To run a successful digital marketing campaign, you need a plan and a significant number of resources. However, no amount of planning and resources are going to help you get enough conversion if you fail to identify your audiences and their preferences. Social media has always been an easier option to engage with audiences. And now that you know how to test your digital marketing campaigns, you can definitely go a long way.

If your site takes forever to load, your visitors won’t take too long to get off of your site and move to another. Today, with the advancement in technology, you can promote your business everywhere and a virtual presence can make a huge difference here. Many website owners add extra features like parallax scrolling and moving background, all this is great but adding these elements will only add to the load time and increase the risk of losing visitors. A fast loading website means you’ll have to make some sacrifices with the “extras” to enhance your users’ primary experience.

For an optimal and efficient user experience, here are 5 key strategies for enhancing your website:

To make your website mobile-friendly:

The goal of your website is to increase traffic. Using images or videos that are huge in size may seem like a good idea for your website but it can be detrimental if your users have to wait for more than 10 seconds for your site to load. If you have any queries regarding the performance of your website, contact Enterprise Web Cloud.

There are a lot of highly efficient WordPress plugins that help in making a website a really good playground for digital marketing. If you want your digital marketing agency to succeed on proper marketing of the site, you must give this much support that you develop a WordPress site by the developer. There are many utilities of a WordPress site, the prime one being the availability of too many high quality highly important and fantastically helpful plugins. Plugins are the reasons the world goes gaga on WordPress based sites. And it’s the plugins again, which makes the job of internet marketers easy and systematic. That’s why getting a WordPress site in the first place, and later getting the concept of helpful plugins is going to help you a lot, in the long run, to do adequate long term marketing for the website.


This plugin is a support system to help you in the use of google analytics. Google Analytics is a highly important tool to scrape and understand and record analytical data about your site. But the amateur would take some time to grab the working of the tool. MonsterInsights helps grab the working of Google analytics in a simpler way and helps you in working with the tool better. Tracking in advanced levels of the various things like custom dimension, e-commerce, and forms, etc. get easy with this plugin. With the plugin, all the analytics reports can be viewed right on your WordPress dashboard.


If you are keen on converting the traffic to your website into leads, then OptinMonster is the best plugin for you. This lead generation plugin helps you create email opt-in forms, subscriber forms, and many such forms and helps them display on the site. Forms in different styles to appear creatively in various important locations on the webpage can be created and displayed with the plugin. There is an Exit-Intent technology in this plugin, which is specially created to help make the leaving visitors into customers or subscribers. Some other highly important tools in this plugin are, InactivitySensor, Scroll Trigger, etc.


Creating forms is one of the difficult things for novice users. With WPForms this problem gets solved in a whizz. The plugin is to help make excellent, creative, simple, stylish, and all sorts of forms for various uses. It’s primarily used for making contact forms. Using the form, users can contact you and reach you. Hence this is an important plugin. The plugin helps anyone make forms without knowing a line of code, and is a highly preferred user-friendly plugin. The created form can be easily placed anywhere on the website, on blog posts, widgets, sidebars, footers, etc.


With this plugin, you can put affiliate links at the right places on your webpage so that your users can view the clickable links easily. The plugin helps in displaying links ina proper order categorically, and also enables you to place the links inside the blog posts.

Yoast SEO

This plugin is helpful directly for SEO. The prime job of the plugin is to make the content of the website SEO friendly by checking through the site fully. It helps add meta tags, descriptions, and keywords at the correct places. It reviews the content and prompts you to place the right tags and keywords at the correct places for better visibility and SEO. The plugin also helps you with technical aspects like the management of the sitemap, robots.txt, and permalink URLs.


This plugin is a concoction of many functions and simplifies digital marketing so very much for the users. With this plugin, you get help in social media integration, SEO, paid marketing, and whatnot. The multi-featured marketing-friendly plugin is must-have. Get analytics reports to view, perform organic researchers of keywords and competitor data analysis, and do loads of work with this single plugin. Other important features include brand monitoring, site auditing, organic traffic insights, social media tracking, content analysis, etc.


One of the chief sources of income through websites is through the display of ads. This plugin helps in creative, smart, and display ads on your WordPress site; you can use the plugin to display ads on the site creatively. Without having to know codes, or write a line of code, you can display ads on the site anywhere, on the sidebars, on widgets, etc. through the use of this ad-displaying plugin.


MailChimp is a very highly useful plugin which helps in making email newsletters. Making newsletters and sending them via email to your subscribers get easy with this plugin. With this account, you get your WordPress site connected to your MailChimp account in simple steps. And then you can create email signup forms. These forms can be used for getting subscribers.

Revive Old Post

With the help of this plugin, you can engage your viewers on social media, by showing them your old WordPress posts. The plugin helps automatically pull out old word press posts and displays them on your social media accounts to captivate users. There are settings in the plugin to choose the number of posts set the time difference between them.

Importance of the plugins

All of these plugins are great hits in the world of digital marketing. Even your digital marketing company would feel good to see your WordPress site installed with these plugins. In case they install the plugin on the site, you would know why they are installed and would not be in total darkness about what’s going on in marketing.


Any WordPress site gets multifunctional with the right set of plugins installed on it. Hence when you know the importance of the plugins, and know the right ones to install, and choose them for their site, the site would get strong, multi-functional, and can help you get great success in all-round digital marketing in a short time. It’s easy to rank WordPress sites just because of incredibly helpful plugins.



There are some great ways to make money online. Not all of them demands you to be highly internet savvy. Some can yield cash fast, and some are stable and secure. It just depends on your interest, orientation, skill set, understanding of e-commerce, and the time you can give in to the thing, which will decide how much you can make online. Some people live totally on the money earned online, and some earn a portion of their living. Some have built empires in this way, and are now the e-commerce giant renowned globally or regionally. To start with, here are described some simple ways to make money online, which the layman can also try and experiment with.


A blog gives you a platform to earn online. When you make a blog, you have to fill it up with content, and it must have some theme or niche. And depending on that niche, you would be filling and updating it with new and fresh contents. This will help you create a platform for posting advertisements, which is a nice way to earn online if your blog gets good traffic, and a substantial portion of that traffic clicks on the advertisements shown online.

To show ads, you will have to create an AdSense account. There are other similar services too, which pays you money based on a pay per click calculation. All you need is good traffic to the blog so that some of the people visiting the blog clicks on a link or two and helps you get the money through AdSense and similar programs. The first criteria to earn money in this way is to make a good quality blog with rich content, which would be helpful, engaging, and interesting.

Video blogging

Video blogs, commonly known as vlogs, are a new way to earn online. Either you make a blog full of video links or embedded videos which are all uploaded in YouTube or some such video site. Or, you may directly make a channel on YouTube, and upload videos there. Both ways, the target is to get your audience to click on the link or advertisements displayed over the video. The more clicks you get, the more money you make. To attract users to see your video, you must make interesting videos.

Filling paid surveys

Many companies pay consumers to fill their surveys. The reason they pay is that many surveys are time taking, which may be 2 to 10 minutes or even higher, depending on the various questions asked. Hence the participating consumers must be rewarded in some way to instigate them to participate and complete the whole survey without leaving it in between. You may enroll for services who directs such surveys for those who would take time to fill them out and make some money.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. To become an affiliate of a business, you need not invest in it. You need to enroll yourself as an affiliate. After this, the business will give you your unique affiliate link. You will have to paste this link on your website, blog, or videos, and wait for interested visitors to follow the link and buy the product from that business. For each lead you bring to the business, which successfully buys the product, you would get a part of the sales commission. This works smartly and. And you can get associated as the affiliate marketer to many companies, and there is no restriction. Without investing anything, just by using the power of traffic to your website or channel, you can earn money in this way.

Online trading

Online trading is another great way to earn money. You may trade in stocks, foreign currencies, commodities, etc. There are many such instruments in which you may trade. Trading platform and software are available to give traders a rich interface to trade, lock prices, buy and sell at the right time, and watch the market and instruments. If you are savvy with trading, you can earn huge.

Trading and acquiring cryptocurrencies

You can trade in cryptocurrencies too. They can be acquired through simple tasks online. This means you can complete simple jobs and get rewarded with digital currencies. And they will stay stored in your digital wallet when you have accumulated enough. You may cash it out. Although this earning cannot be the apt way to earn a living, but you can try this as a side income.

Sell your product

One of the most popular and best ways to earn online is to sell your product; you may sell directly through your site. Or, you may sell by partnering with another e-commerce giant like Amazon. There are many shopping cart sites online, with whom you may partner, and sell your product through them. This is the best possible way to earn direct money and earn big.

Work freelance

Freelance working or working with some company online to complete projects and tasks is a nice way to make online money. You can try website designing, graphic designing, content development, logo designing, software making, spreadsheet making, accounting, and many such things. Many people get their projects done online by freelancers. And there are several freelancing platforms which help freelancers meet clients.

Try digital marketing

One of the most booming sectors for online money-making is digital marketing. You can earn from SEO and marketing online. For this, you may start alone or with a team. You will have to have your website for the best results. To start small, you may begin as a freelancer too.

Money management

While earning money is a challenge, retaining money too is a challenge. Unless you have a sound knowledge and grip on finance management, handling of funds, growing money, and handling debts, you may have to stumble a lot in money-making and retaining it. Sources like NationalDebtRelief.com help give ideas on debt and financial management so that the common man can get educated on money matters.


If you find a legitimate working way to make money and handle it the proper way, you can always earn a good living online. Many people do this every day, and you can be a part of e-commerce too.


The digital market has grown into a massive channel and the biggest industry in the business world. It is a rise that is going to stimulate both conventional and digital marketers, which means that the advertisement agencies are bound to elevate their game with absolutely engaging and appealing experiences tailored for the masses, predominantly the customers. Since all the marketing strategies are to be carried out on digital platforms, agencies can further improve their results with a reliable and high-speed internet connection.
Amidst this diverse delivery mechanism and risk frittering away their investments in bulk where no TV channel or any media platform ever had a viewership of more than 350 million users out of which just active users are 175 million, so it naturally raises the bar for further and meaningful marketing and branding opportunities in order to stand out and make a difference.
Although the trends in the digital world are constantly changing, they are still somewhat predictable and offer new things to learn. The existing businesses are in dire need to cope up with the high market demands, particularly the digital transition as the survival of online businesses depends on their flexibility to adopt new trends on an emergency basis due to the fiery competition. Here is a heads up list of all the things to watch out for in order to follow the upcoming digital marketing trends in 2019:

Visual Approach

When we talk about the online world, it counts all the websites, blogs, marketplaces, social media networking sites, and infinite information. However, not everybody visits websites or marketplaces on a daily basis unless it’s required or necessary and if so, they won’t go back once the work is done. The same rule is applicable on blogs where people who like to read, browse for more relevant content but when it comes to social media, 91% of us at least check 2 apps or social networks daily.
Therefore, the majority of the businesses are marketing on social networking sites as they are more engaging and contain millions of potential customers with whom you can get in touch with. It has been researched and proven that visual content like photos, slideshows, GIFs and video clips get a better response from the masses than simple and plain text content. This is probably because no matter how much research you do and how long you work on the content if it is not visually attractive and rich – it won’t grasp the attention. Also, note that the majority of the user-base belongs to millennials and generation Z who have the shortest attention span. Therefore, if you want to target this market segment, keep the content visually rich and maintain its quality as these are the key ingredients to enhance the readability of your content.

Interactive and Engaging Content

The first point brings me to another extremely crucial point which is: interactive and engaging content. Certainly, the intention behind posting and designing content is to get it noticed. Unless you get feedback from the right targeted audience; the aim of all the hard work remains unachieved. The intention, mission, and aim of developing the content somehow translate almost the same meaning but they require different layouts.
When you launch your brand online, you hire a business consultant to design, strategize your business plan, and conduct marketing in order to reach the audiences in the most suitable way. So the first and foremost reason for branding is to get the audience’s attention and response in whichever form needed. The content must have an interactive approach which would result in high possibilities of engagement. To do so, you may have to dive into the latest hashtags and news trends to deliver the message in the right direction.

Live Video Streaming

Online video streaming is one of the most popular activities on the internet worldwide. By seeing the annual statistics of video consumption, it has been predicted that by 2020, the number of digital video viewers in the US is going to exceed 232 million times. As confirmed by insights, the most frequently watched categories of YouTube viewers particularly in the United States were the videos made and uploaded by people associated with brands. Since we have already discussed how the content should be more interactive, engaging and visual – this point highlights and carries all the aforementioned factors.
The cherry on the cake is that it comes with an added feature of sharing the video with followers in real-time which is quite fascinating for most of the viewers as it notifies all the followers and subscribers whenever you go live. Unlike the edited video content, live streaming saves the hustle of editing and beautifying the content. In live videos, everything is instant even the response we get on such videos is addressed in real time. Grab the opportunity to incorporate live streaming for your brand. Make sure that the video content is not too long, dull or boring. Keep it precise and interesting.

Expiration of content

The latest trend, most significantly introduced by Snapchat, is the expiration of content after 24 hours, starting from the time it went live. This is apparently a new thing because it is on the rise and is being incorporated into main social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It follows the same pattern of live video streaming but comes with lots more excitement. From marketer’s point of view, it is a good catch because it triggers the short attention span and keeps the customers hooked up. The anticipation is definitely worth investing for.

Measurement and Volume

With everything digitally available, marketers happened can get valuable insights and see the statistical view of all the content they have posted online. Be it a website, blog, social media platform, app or whatever – everything is crystal clear and the results are easily measurable. This means if the content is not getting a good response, we can improvise and discard the existing problems from future plans. Similarly, if a particular factor of the content is doing exceptionally well online like getting viral or being well received by the audience, it can be followed and used again. This is how the volume can be controlled in the most productive manner. Branding campaigns are becoming more noticeable and reachable to the customers.

Native Approach

By native approach in digital marketing, it is indicated that either you are going for conventional marketing, incorporate that and reach the online masses too. It may not be your priority and you have been investing habitually there – add digital marketing in that plan. Because digital media has now become an unavoidable and inescapable medium when it comes to marketing anything. You may also add native language and native approaches to get a better response as it will endorse the relatability factor.
These are a few notable and rapid trends in the market. For growing and meeting the marketing goals you need to keep in mind the aforementioned trends and implement them in your company to gain an advantage over other companies in the same industry. Instead of spending your money on something that is not measurable in conventional and native marketing – digital marketing outcomes can be evaluated on a daily basis which helps measure everything without having the risk of investing in something blindly.

There are hundreds of ranking factors that are used to determine the competitive placement of websites and by aiming to perform in as many categories as possible your site will perform more competitively in more search queries. Focus your attention on the major ranking factors to see the most drastic increases in ranking that lead to increases in traffic.

Satisfy Search Intent

Search intent has been an ongoing topic since search engines began reading and understanding the contextual meaning of content. The priority for all engines is user experience because at the end of the day the results provided in a search listing need to meet the demands of the user in order for them to continue using their browser. Websites that are displayed in top positions are basically being endorsed as the best answer for that particular query.

Improve on-site metrics that measure the engagement

On-site metrics are used to measure the level of engagement and can affect the ranking of a website. The bounce rate of a website indicates the percentage of users that land on a site and then leave without clicking further. When search engines see a lack of engagement demonstrated by a low bounce rate the website will be reduced in ranking for the keyword that was used to land on the site. Another factor that contributes to the ranking is dwell time. This is a measure of the average time a person spends on a website. The results for dwell time are measures against the industry average in order to determine the level of engagement. If a user is spending double the time on one website over all others in a search result, then it’s obvious the user has found content that has piqued their interest.

Build content for a specific audience

Creating pages that satisfy search intent and boost onsite metrics requires effective keyword research. It has become a requirement to include as many issues that can be related to your keyword topic in order to create the most complete page. Keyword research is about learning what your ideal audience is experiencing in order for you to connect with them on a deeper level. Providing content that solves problems and answers questions will get the best response from your readers.

On-page optimization

The developments in how search engines extract contextual meaning has given companies more incentive to be comprehensive in coverage of a specific topic in order to enhance the optimization of their site. It’s now possible to detect and assess how well a solution or topic is covered in its entirety. This also means that search engines can pick up on how relevant your content is to the query being made. If your page is extensive in detail there will be a lot of content that can trigger more frequent appearances in related searches.

Traditional on-page optimization

Of course, there are still technical elements that need to be addressed. Examples of optimizing your page are including your keyword in the title, URL as well as keyword synonyms and LSI keywords in your subtitles and body of content.

Optimize your images

Images should also be optimized since search engines don’t assign meaning without the use of alternative description tags. Best practices recommend images to have a filename that includes the keyword or adequately describes the image. It’s also recommended the title and captions be filled in to provide the most information possible.

Include structured data

Structured data markup will contribute to making the information on your page easily accessible and understood by search engines. Structured data will also increase the likelihood of being featured in a rich snippet.

Off-page optimization

A website’s backlink profile is officially one of the top three ranking signals that Google uses to determine the competitive placement of websites in its index. The policies that are now enforced have effectively cut down the appearance of low-quality sites on the first page of results. These same policies have also made link building much closer to being what Google has described as the recommended link building strategy that links should occur naturally. There is no argument against being proactive in regards to link building as it is the only way to get results in a shorter amount of time. If we were all to do as Google stated, we would be waiting for years to build a decent amount of links to our sites. Using tactics and strategies that are accepted as white hat linking is the safest method of increasing the domain authority and ranking of your site.

Publish articles as a guest

Writing articles as a guest of credible blog sites in your niche is an accepted and scalable method of link building. Although the process in acquiring links relies heavily on the quality of your writing as well as which blogs you’re writing to be published on, there are enough blogs that accept guest posts that make this method of link building viable and effective for acquiring high-quality backlinks.

Blogger outreach

There’s no shame in asking for help. It’s common practice to contact other bloggers in the same industry or niche to tell them about the content you have on your site. There’s no magic formula for making someone want to link to your site but if you make the effort to build relationships, being genuine may lead to better results with who links to your site. It helps to have something to offer such as a link from your site, but a link exchange is a violation of Googles rules so any obvious exchanged links could do damage to your ranking as opposed to helping it. Make a list of the authors and bloggers that would give your website the most exposure with a link from their site. Make it a point to link an article they’ve written in one of your guest posts. That way when an article is published and you’ve linked to their site from a quality third-party site. You can let them know their content has helped you and casually mention how you linked to their site to win some brownie points. Focus your efforts on producing content that is written specifically for an audience who will benefit from your products and services. By connecting your thoughts and processes to creating value and enjoyable experience for your readers you are able to create content with many of the technical elements of optimization built into your pages. Good quality linking is all that’s needed to get the needle moving when ranking your site so think before you link and choose your link building sources wisely.

You run a huge business organization, and your brand identity is what can make or break your business success. Your brand is not just a way to connect with your potential business prospects; rather it represents what your business actually offers.
For sure you might have put in constant efforts in researching and creating a perfect brand for your business. However, you are in a constant search of methods and techniques to make it better. There’s a reason as to why so many businesses and companies are going for a complete makeover for their brand—which brings us to our topic.
Rebranding or brand makeover or whatever you name it, almost every business organization and company go through it. Rebranding is all about remodeling the old idea and business model, recreating better business methods and redesigning the brand identity.
To put it in simpler words, rebranding involves more a few changes, its about restructuring the whole well-established organization. Whilst enriching it with better strategies, stronger customer base and improved relations with business prospects. The chief objective of rebranding is to strengthen the values and goals of your business while allowing the whole organization to evolve with the process. It gives a newer, better and more authentic way of connecting your targeted audience with the core values and message of your business.
Timing is everything:
When should you go for a business rebrand? A question that has fogged the future of many businesses—a plague that many business owners have suffered from. There’s no denying that an outdated brand is the biggest hurdle in the growth of every business organization and company. However, rebranding can be expensive, time-consuming and the results aren’t that promising.
Before going for this makeover, determine the factors that need beautification and enhancement. Know what’s holding back your business growth and development and tailor the right methodology to overcome those hurdles with your rebranding strategy.
Rebranding is a daunting task and not knowing the right time to do it can be frustrating. If you see your business struggling in connecting with the targeted audience, failing to attract new customers and you have run out of all the tips and tricks to make it better—you need a rebrand.
Reasons to revamp your brand:
Change is the real essence of human lives, and the same is the case with the business world. As the business grows and evolves, its requirements and objectives also change with time. However, at times we get stuck in a rut. The signs might not be obvious, but if your business growth is stunted, then you should start thinking about a rebrand. Following are some of the tell-tale signs and obvious reasons for rebranding your business:
• Your logo design is either outdated or doesn’t hold relevance with the company’s values and objectives.
• The name of your business is quite similar to your competitor’s trade name.
• Your business has extended beyond its actual scope and the targeted market.
• Your business description doesn’t go with what your business does and offers.
• In the retail business, if a complementary product outsells your own products, then you need a rebrand to define who you are and what you do.
• Your business has now extended to global regions, and the geographical name is no longer relevant.
• Last but not least, your brand image is disappearing, and its reputation is at stake.
If all these conditions apply to your business, then it is high-time to rebrand your venture.
How do you do it?
Stagnation of business is not a good sign of business growth and future development. If your business hasn’t evolved over the years, then rebranding is the only option left to keep your business alive in this highly competitive business world
Running your company, in the same way, will lead you to the road of business collapse. Rebranding is a precarious process, but this journey can offer some refreshing insights. Here’s how you could ensure that this journey is a successful one:
• Welcome change with open arms:
Success is the result of continuous evolution. The first for rebranding is to prepare yourself and business for some huge changes. Amending the ways your company operates requires immediate action.
• Plan your mission:
Conduct a S.W.O.T analysis of your business. Before you embark on this makeover journey, have a clear understanding of the negatively impacting factors. Come up with the rough idea o for solving all those issues and make a comprehensive plan for the mission “rebranding.”
• Interact with your potential business prospects:
No one can provide you with better insights about your business than your business clientele. Ask your customers and clients about the company’s customer satisfaction and support, the factors or products which bring them back to your brand or drive them away from it. Conduct a quantitative and qualitative survey, and you will end up with some valuable insights.
• Determine your market:
The best way redefine your target market is to study the changes in the target market and niche industry and the current marketing trends of your niche industry. Analyze the worthiness and relevance of your offered products in that targeted market to measure the share of your product in the market.
• Seek partners and look out for the competitors:
If you have done thorough market research, you will come to realize that without a few allies your business cannot survive in this competitive business and marketing worlds. Foster your relationship with the retail business for successful product distribution. However, keep a close eye on your competitors. Don’t copy what your competitors are doing, innovate it in your own way and maintain the brand’s uniqueness.
• Expand the dimensions of customer base:
An important aspect of business remodeling is a redefinition of the targeted audience and potential customers. It involves targeting the audience and customers outside beyond the niche industry and demographics. Appealing to a broader spectrum of the audience can help you in expanding your business to global regions and landscapes.
If you have the conviction for the long haul and you are ready for a change, be bold and different and revamp your brand. You might make a few mistakes, but the key to succeeding in rebranding is to realize the importance of revamping and try for it until you get it right.

Author Bio:
Khalid Durrani is an Inbound Marketing Expert and a content strategist. He likes to cover the topics related to latest marketing trends, startups, IOT, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, UI/UX, blockchain and much more. He tries to humanize technology through inspirational content. Currently, he is Global Marketing Manager of Design Iconic, an AI-based design agency.

Having a well-documented and effective content marketing strategy is a must for building the online presence successfully. Business organizations and companies with well-strategized content marketing approaches have higher chances of succeeding in their marketing efforts. For companies with no proper strategy, success is just a matter of luck, and the marketing efforts are a risk taken to globalize the business.

Content marketing is more about creating blogs and articles; rather, it is a broader aspect which requires proper integration of marketing and branding tactics. It is not all about creating and distributing content across various channels and platforms; rather, it is more about lead generation, increased audience engagement and improved branding and market position.

You need to take a strategic approach to constitute a highly effective content marketing method. This strategy not just drives the audience towards your content; rather, it explores various ways which can be used in making the customer experience better. However, coming up with a strategy which covers every marketing and meets the targeted audience and potential business prospects needs is a daunting task.

For that very reason, many businesses and brands hire professional digital marketers and Wikipedia writers to ensure that their content marketing strategy performs well in the online marketing and business world. To help you in that regards, we’ve compiled a brief guide to help you in growing your business online without investing many efforts and business budget, take a look:

1. Determine your goals and targets:

The starting point of every strategizing process is to know the goals and objectives– what are you targeting for and what results in you wish to achieve by meeting those targets. However, when it comes to making a content marketing strategy, it is important to have a well-stated mission statement as it helps in focusing on the chief objectives and purpose of the strategy. Where a mission statement helps in staying focused it also help you in producing highly targeted content.

A mission statement should include the following aspects:

• Who is your target audience?
• What are your content type and tone?
• How can your content benefit the audience?

Where a mission statement tells the audience about who you are, it should also include the aspect of how it can benefit the potential business prospects and targeted readers and audience—that’s when your business goals and objectives come into play. Improvement in business revenues and sales rates, increase in SEO and traffic, and reduced business cost are few of the main goals of a mission statement.

2. Get to know your prospects:

The success of content marketing strategy is heavily dependent on the fact of how well you know your potential business prospects and targeted audience. Having a clear idea about your audience can help you in creating highly targeted content. There a few aspects that you need to consider to get to know your targeted audience better:

• The first aspect is to get to gather demographic data and information. You can collect information like age, gender, education and main interests through social media analytics and email subscriptions.

• Nothing gives you better insights about the key interest and dislikes of the audience than the comment section and feedback forms. It not only tells you about the response of the audience towards the type and quality of content you are producing; rather, it also lets you know about the needs and demands of the current audience. All you have to do is to understand the audience’s priorities and decide the best way to reach out to them.

• Once you know the reader’s needs, built a well-thought-out buyer’s personas as per the gathered data and extracted insights. This persona is the perfect depiction of what an ideal customer of your product should be like. From easing up the content creation to making it highly targeted, buyer’s personas help you to determine the right content type while elevating the engagement rates.

3. Evaluate the current status:

Where numerous business organizations and brands already have a well-built content marketing strategy, competing in this content-saturated and highly competitive marketing world is challenging. For that very reason, it is quite important to figure out which content type works best for your type and category of business. For that, you need to assess these following aspects:

• Categorize each and every kind of content you have produced.
• Evaluate the usefulness and effectiveness of each content piece.
• Figure out the points which impact the efficiency and usability of your content.

To make sure that the content performs well in the online world, compare the quality of your content to that of your potential competitors.

4. Determine the content channels.

Once you start working on your content marketing strategy, you will start figuring out the platforms visited and used mostly by your targeted audience and potential business prospects. Once you get to know those platform, leverage the effectiveness of that platform to widen the customer base and audience group. To evaluate the performance of your content, you can use online tools like Google analytics to review the platforms and channels where your content is usually shared.

5. Decide the content type:

Once you know the right platforms, figure out which content types best-suited with your targeted audience and potential business prospects needs and demands. Numerous business organizations and brands rely heavily on the content posted on their official business website, which is reposted and re-shared on different online marketing and social media platforms and channels.

Undoubtedly, blogs are one of the essential parts of every content marketing strategy and are usually regarded as the result driving force. So, make sure that your blog posts are not just shareable; rather, they are informative and provide the audience and readers with valuable industry insights and solution to their problems.


Once you have figured all those aspects, use the various online tools to assess and measure the success and performance of your content marketing strategy. Make changes and improvements as per the results.

Gone are the days when businesses were required to handle all of their marketing services in house. Now, with the meteoric rise of so many outsourcing organizations and companies, businesses have realized just how they can outsource their marketing campaigns, and hand them over to an external overseas marketing company, which is then held accountable for the marketing results. 

While there are numerous pros and cons to this strategy, the overall good of organizations lies in realizing how outsourcing is best for them. And, going overseas with your outsourcing campaign, just augments the purpose and gives numerous other benefits to you as well. 

Here we mention some of the reasons why you should outsource your marketing campaigns overseas. While you might know about some of these reasons, others would give you a new perspective, and open up the avenues of outsourcing marketing services to overseas companies, in front of you. 

Affordable Rates 
It can without a doubt be said that overseas marketing agencies present within developing countries charge really low rates. Not only do these countries have really young and talented labor within their shores, but this labor is also willing to charge rates that are way less than what a native would ask for.

Knowing the low rates of production and marketing in overseas company, you would obviously be tempted to save some costs and head down this road for future purposes. For instance, getting the services of an SEO company in the USA or the UK would cost you almost double of what a company operating overseas would charge you. Not only would the charges be less, but they would be willing to give further discounts, and would also work around the clock to meet your requirements. 

Competitive Market 
Agencies located within developing markets are competing against many offering similar services as they do. The growing surplus of organizations in the market and the need for financial stability has meant that these agencies go way beyond your expectations to ensure that you are impressed with their services, and come back for another order. The hard work they put in, is meant for ensuring that they have repeat service from you, and that their labor is not kept free for long. 

Easy to Manage 
Outsourcing in general is way easier to manage, than starting your in-house team. For instance, if you are starting an SEO campaign within your office, you would have to hire multiple skilled workers, and then start a SEO campaign for your brand, and then make that campaign turn successful. Now, this is a tumultuous process which you might not be able to manage with the kind of schedule you have at your workplace right now. 

Knowing this, it is only logical that you focus on the right things and outsource the marketing campaign to a professional organization that have the required expertise in making marketing campaigns grow and increasing their potential. They would be better positioned to handle your marketing campaigns and to ensure that you get the most out of them. 

Less Risky 
Other than being really easy to manage, outsourcing your campaign to an external marketing agency with requisite experience would also happen to be less risky. Imagine all the trouble and investment you would have to undergo for making a separate business department in your office, and accommodating the staff you would hire. 

Imagine all the costs you would have to incur for the hiring and the recruitment process. The people coming in to your office for the job would need to be trained and would require significant investment. If, with all this investment up front the plan fails to be successful, you would not only lose a significant amount of business savings, but would also have to handle the staff you have hired. 

On the contrary, by outsourcing the campaign you wouldn’t have to look after all of these details, and wouldn’t have so much to lose. The risks would be less and the stakes would be better. Most overseas organizations work on a contractual basis, and you would have to make an annual or a periodic payment to them, which will cover whatever expense that you have decided for them. 

This way, if you don’t feel that the investment is paying its due dividends, you can back off whenever you want, without the risk of great losses. The same, however, cannot be said about starting your own in-house team. 

Work Experience 
Since outsourcing organizations have become full time businesses in developing countries across the globe, their workforce has a lot to give in terms of work experience and competitiveness. The skills and the intellect level of workers from that part of the world are better than what you would find here. 

Those workers have followed a particular path to success while marketing multiple brands, and are aware of what it takes to make a marketing campaign turn successful. All they need to do is to follow that proven path to success forward, and make the most out of that campaign. 

Many of the overseas companies that provide outsourcing facilities have young workers that are dedicated to their jobs. Not only are these workers available around the clock, but their motivation and dedication levels to the job are better than what some of your own staff might have.  

These professionals are ready to serve you at any hour of the day, and you do not have to worry about any specifics at all. Their services are top notch, and you can tell by the quality of the work done that a dedicated professional was tasked with it. 

This notion can be viewed in action if you outsource your content strategy to an overseas company. It is only when you see the writing skills of a foreign language speaker that you get to realize how motivated and dedicated the professional is to their job. 

So, it is easy to infer by now that outsourcing your marketing servicing overseas is the reasonable thing to do because of the operational and financial efficiency on offer.